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    October 5th, 2012
    Quote Originally Posted by tdometech View Post
    That is an entirely different error/bug... and has nothing to do with the errors related to this thread...
    Still fits within the thread tho, as the subject is: lua error in AH tabs
    So it fits, wether or not its an different error doesnt matter, but ok perhaps it was not that issue, but perhaps this is an result of the fix of the previous issue. (havnt logged the issue before sadly, so cant say for sure).

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    October 24th, 2008
    I too have this problem and I tried dumping everything in my bags into the bank and trying one at a time but to no avail. Oh well I will wait the outcome of the Dev's rewriting.

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    August 17th, 2017
    Today the Sell tab of the guides is still unusable

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    October 10th, 2017
    Any update on this?

    The lua errors continue but nothing has changed.

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    @arterus... Try doing a full guide wipe/reset.

    1. exit WoW
    2. go to the WoW/Interface/Addons folder and delete the ZygorGuidesViewer folder
    3. go to the WoW/WTF/Account/<accountname>/SavedVariables folder and delete the Zygor files in there
    4. run the desktop client and install a fresh copy of the guides
    5. go back in game to test and let me know if that fixed it
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