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    Exclamation News section blank in Client for a few days now

    For a few days now, I have noticed that the section in the Zygor Client which shows the latest news, etc.. is blank.

    I have used the Zygor Uninstaller from this link:

    I deleted the ZygorGuidesViewer folder from my "World Of Warcraft/Interface/Addons" folder.
    I deleted the ZygorGuides folder from my "Appdata/Roaming" folder as well.
    I have completely uninstalled any and all instances of JAVA on my machine (I had only the latest one installed).
    I also deleted all files & folders within the "World Of Warcraft/WTF" folder.

    I reinstalled Java, Zygor Guides Client and the actual Zygor WoW Addon from scratch using the latest installer from your website. Nothing changed.
    The Zygor Client on my machine is version: 3.2.311
    The Zygor Addon installed is version: 6.1.17989

    There is no error when opening Zygor Client, the news section is just blank.

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    That's something we're working on. Nothing on your end to worry about but we'll get it back up as soon as we can.
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