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    Disable Suggestions

    Hello dear Support people!

    I have a question regarding your acution suggestions. Is there a possibility to remove the auction suggestions for gray/white items. It is sometimes a little confusing if there is a suggestion for a totally worthless gray item and Zygor suggests to sell it for 400 Gold at the Auction House^^

    Best regards!

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    The only way to get rid of those suggestions is to sell the junk to the vendor before looking at the gold guide. As long as it's not in your bags it won't be suggested to sell.
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    Goofy as it sounds, I have seen players buy grey and white gear for role play purposes. Sometimes it is the flavour text on the item, sometimes it is the item itself, sometimes it is both. Players can be weird. Yes, you can sell these otherwise worthless items to players for a huge mark up, but don't count on it.
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