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    Angry Educate me why

    I have been a Zyg customer for years. I took a couple years off WoW and just came back. I downloaded the client, logged in, downloaded guides. They only cover levels 1-100 and have no Legion content, but it says it's the latest version and I see on the website that the latest version covers 7.3.5

    What is the correct path to get my guides updated? I have a sneaking suspicion that the $100+ I've spent so far isn't enough and I'll have to end up ponying up even more, right? Just tell me how so I can bend over and no, I will NOT do ongoing month subscription model. I want a one-time-buy add-on.
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    I see that you've purchased several guide updates over the years but you never purchased any of the Legion guide updates when they were available. This is why your guides only cover up thru the WoD content. We stopped offering the individual guides back on Mar. 1st and currently the only way to upgrade your guides is via the subscription.
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