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    2 mining guides?

    I have two mining guides I have all the Xpac. Classics show mining spots not there in Org.
    The other mining says to go to this spot Hellscream Fist airship and shows no routing for ore in Org. Which mining guide do I use for my DH lvl 106?

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    You can skill up from 1-800 without leaving Legion zones, and usually without even visiting a trainer. Some secondary skills, like cooking, do require visiting a trainer to unlock the next skill cap, but you don't have to leave Legion content.

    This ought to be true with Battle for Azeroth as well, but I haven't tested professions on the beta.

    The Zygor profession leveling guides are for players who wish to level a character from 1-90 at the same time as they level skills. Yes, level 90, as Warlords of Draenor works exactly the same as Legion (1-700 in this case).
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    You don't really need a leveling guide for gathering professions anymore.
    The classic mining 1-600 guide is how it was done before Mist of Pandaria. Back then you had to gather ore and smelt it in order to level up your mining skill and be able to gather the next ores.
    The second mining 1-600 leveling guide is the Mists of Pandaria guide. It is more simple as it tells you to gather ores in Pandaria and from time to time go back to a mining trainer to learn the next mining skill.

    Since the Warlords of Draenor expansion the skill requirement for gathering ores was removed, you can gather ores even in the highest level zones when you just learned the profession and have a skill of 1 (I think in Mists of Pandaria it only applied to the Pandaria ores).
    You only need a certain skill level when you want to smelt pre Pandaria ores.

    I suggest you just gather ores while questing and if you get close to your max skill (50 of 75, 125 of 150 and so on) use the "find nearest vendor" function of the guide to find the nearest mining trainer.
    Click the spyglass icon in the top left or lower left corner of the guide window, select profession trainer and mining.
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