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    Stop Tracking in WoW

    So I've been using the guide for about a week now and LOVE it when it's working well. So far my biggest complaint should be obvious... but I'm not seeing it...

    I want to stop it from tracking any guide.

    An example of why this is a major issue: I'm currently progressing through the Argus guide. There are a bunch of 16 hour missions that need to be completed. This means that there is nothing for me to do (guide wise) for 16 hours. Every time I open the transporter it ports me back to the ship guiding me to the mission table.

    I typically juke it out by selecting the world quest guide. That works if I actually pick a world quest, but if I don't legit start tracking something else, it will sort of cache the fact that I need to be ported back to the ship. Same thing happens when I change my mind during a world quest. Even if I select the invasion guide, if I open a flight master it will start a flight to the nearest point of the world quest that I WAS going to do.

    Next issue I have is that there are no favorites. 95+% of the time I'm using one of 2-3 guides. Having my favorites near the top of the guide selection page would be epic.

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    It sounds like you have the option enabled to automatically take flights which if you disable it should stop all that automatic stuff. While we don't have a Favorites we do have a Recent on the guide selection window that you can use to pick up where you left off in the different guides.
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