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    Talent Builds Discussion

    Hey there!

    So I noticed that Zygor allowed custom builds to be put into the Talent Advisor, which is just plain awesome. So, this thread will be used to show off our builds and to share with the community what they might use for PvP or for leveling, just in case a member wants to change it up a bit ;-).

    So, I'll start the thread off with my custom PvP build for my Warrior. Keep in mind, I did not update the glyphs due to the fact that I didn't want to purchase any other than the leveling ones because I'm being cheap and trying to get my epic flying mount ;-).

    Anyways, without further a-do, my Warriors PvP spec for Arms -

    ZygorTalentAdvisor:RegisterBuild( "WARRIOR", "Silverhawk PvP ( 56 / 15 / 0 ) - Custom", [[
            5/5 Deflection
            2/2 Improved Rend
            2/2 Improved Charge
            3/3 Iron Will
            3/3 Tactical Mastery
            2/2 Improved Overpower
            2/2 Impale
            3/3 Deep Wounds
            3/3 Taste for Blood
            1 Sweeping Strikes
            5/5 Poleaxe Specialization
            2/2 Weapon Mastery
            2/2 Trauma
            1 Mortal Strike
            2/2 Second Wind
            2/2 Strength of Arms
            1 Juggernaut
            3/3 Improved Mortal Strike
            1 Endless Rage
            3/3 Sudden Death
            2/2 Blood Frenzy
            5/5 Wrecking Crew
            1 Bladestorm
            3/3 Armored to the Teeth
            5/5 Cruelty
            3/5 Unbridled Wrath
            1 Piercing Howl
            3/3 Blood Craze
    ]], [[
            Major Glyph of Bladestorm
            Major Glyph of Execution
            Major Glyph of Mortal Strike
            Minor Glyph of Battle
            Minor Glyph of Bloodrage
            Minor Glyph of Charge
    I keep my code inside of the official LUA file for organizations sake. Anyways, share some builds, guys! We'd love to see them!

    If you don't know how to create your own custom builds, give us a link of the Talent Build and we'll create it for you!


    For making it easier to find some info it will be added here:

    The following is the easiest method to create your own build for use with the Talent Advisor. Doing it this way will not give you glyph suggestions in the Talent Advisor but will get your personal talent spec into it.

    Use the talent planner at to create your build (or to copy a build from WoWHead) then after you're done there's a button on the right that says 'Link to this Build'. After you click this the address in your browser will have a whole lot of numbers at the end of it.

    What do all those numbers mean? How the numbers are determined is quite easy, start with the left tree and from top to bottom work left to right for each talent. So if there's 3 talents in the top row then the first 3 numbers would be these talents from left to right, next row left talent would be the 4th number. After you're done with the first tree then you move to the middle tree and repeat, continuing after the numbers for the first tree. Rinse and repeat for the 3rd tree.

    Once you've gotten to this point change the class name (must be all capitalized and one word, MAGE in the example), the name of your build (and the points spent numbers, Custom (57/3/11) in the example), and copy/paste the long list of numbers from above steps to replace the sample ones in the following:
    if not ZygorTalentAdvisor then return end
    ZygorTalentAdvisor:RegisterBuild("MAGE", "Custom (57/3/11)", "23000503310033015032310251532103000000000000000000000000002032030010000000000000000000")

    Installation Instructions

    1. Create a new file named Build01.lua and copy above into it.
    2. Place inside of .../World of Warcraft/Interface/AddOns/ZygorTalentAdvisor/Builds/.

    Replace the ... with the current file structure you're using to place your World of Warcraft file in.

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    Some inside info how the talents are parsed.

    First of all, although you may write talent points as 5/5 or 2/3 for clarity, only the first number is taken into account. So,
    5/5 Deflection
    5 Deflection
    2 Deflection
    3 Deflection

    Also, it's better to keep your own builds tucked away in Build01.lua--Build40.lua files, in the ZygorTalentAdvisor\Builds folder - that's because when you update to a newer version of the Advisor, your precious builds stored in an "official" file would get overwritten.

    And, the talents - at least the way it works now - HAVE to be written in their English forms for the talent builds to work in every language. We may change that later, but for now the rule is to use English in the files.

    Remember that you can add // comments, to describe why you're going a particular path with the talents and satisfy people's curiosity.

    Happy building

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    Hey there,

    Cool! Thanks a lot! I'm too used to Garry's Mod structure where you have to add 'AddCSLuaFile(<name>.lua)' to download the new file, didn't know new files automatically loaded into that addon.

    And I originally thought that, but when I skimmed through the guide, I noticed that you guys used min/max the entire time except for the very first Death Knight build, so I figured I'd attempt to avoid any errors ;-). Suppose' I coulda played with it, though, haha.

    Yeah, that would clear things up a bit, if people read them except for the developers ;-). I was almost certain when writing the build that people would be like 'WAT, NEW PVP BUILD? COPY + PASTE MUAH!' and go from there! I will make certain to do that, though ;-).

    Very cool for the feedback, ZGDev, really appreciate that ;-). You heard the man! Get to work, my minions! Muahaha!


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    so if I was using the old talent build for a undead frost mage 66 frost and 5 arcane what should I do with the new talent advisor? I am level 50 and none of the included talent builds correspond with the old. What should I do I was getting used to this playing style?

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    can I get some guidance please. I was using the online frost build but it is not included in the in game builds what should I do? It seems to be replaced with a Frost/Arcane maybe the PVP build not sure but I'm level 50 now do I need to re-distribute my talent points to correspond with the in-game leveling frost build?

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    In-game talent build guide

    I am existing customer and got the new guides installed for both alliance and horde. When I go to my talent tree I do not see the talent build guide as shown in the video. Am I missing something somewhere? Please tell us how to get to this new toy in version 2.0.

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    did you click the "Z" button on your talent tree window?

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    ok i am leveling a paladin and prot is more my spec so i came to the forums and here perfect match so i got the link here:

    this is the levels i want it:
    10-14 5/5 Divine Strength
    15-19 5/5 Anticipation
    20-24 5/5 Toughness
    25-27 3/3 Improved Devotion Aura
    28-29 2/3 Improved Righteous Fury
    30 1/1 Blessing of Sanctuary
    31 3/3 Improved Righteous Fury
    32-34 3/5 Reckoning
    35-36 2/2 Sacred Duty
    37-39 3/3 One-Handed Weapon Specialization
    40 1/1 Holy Shield
    41 1/2 Spiritual Attunement
    42-44 3/3 Ardent Defender
    45-47 3/3 Redoubt
    48-49 2/3 Combat Expertise
    50 1/1 Avenger's Shield
    51-53 3/3 Touched by the Light
    54 3/3 Combat Expertise
    55-56 2/2 Judgements of the Just
    57-59 3/3 Shield of the Templar
    60 1/1 Hammer of the Righteous

    61-65 5/5 Deflection
    66 1/2 Improved Judgements
    67-69 3/3 Heart of the Crusader
    70-71 2/2 Guarded by the Light
    72 1/5 Benediction
    73-74 2/2 Vindiction
    75-76 2/2 Pursuit of Justice
    77 1/5 Conviction
    78 1/1 Divine Sacrifice
    79-80 2/2 Divine Guardian



    Glyph of Avenger's Shield
    Glyph of Exorcism
    Glyph of Hammer of Wrath


    Glyph of Lay on Hands
    Glyph of the Wise
    Glyph of Blessing of Kings

    hope this is how i am suppose to do this thanks in advance

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    Question this maybe?

    ZygorTalentAdvisor:RegisterBuild("PALADIN","Protec tion leveling(0 / 56 / 15) - Custom",[[
    5/5 Divine Strength
    5/5 Anticipation
    5/5 Toughness
    3/3 Improved Devotion Aura
    2/3 Improved Righteous Fury
    1/1 Blessing of Sanctuary
    1 Improved Righteous Fury // (3/3 Now)
    3/5 Reckoning
    2/2 Sacred Duty
    3/3 One-Handed Weapon Specialization
    1/1 Holy Shield
    1/2 Spiritual Attunement
    3/3 Ardent Defender
    3/3 Redoubt
    2/3 Combat Expertise
    1/1 Avenger's Shield
    3/3 Touched by the Light
    1 Combat Expertise // (3/3 Now)
    2/2 Judgements of the Just
    3/3 Shield of the Templar
    1/1 Hammer of the Righteous
    5/5 Deflection
    1/2 Improved Judgements
    3/3 Heart of the Crusader
    2/2 Guarded by the Light
    1/5 Benediction
    2/2 Vindiction
    2/2 Pursuit of Justice
    1/5 Conviction
    1/1 Divine Sacrifice
    2/2 Divine Guardian
    ]], [[
    Major Glyph of Avenger's Shield
    Major Glyph of Exorcism
    Major Glyph of Hammer of Wrath
    Minor Glyph of Lay on Hands
    Minor Glyph of the Wise
    Minor Glyph of Blessing of Kings

    is that how i do it? do i just copy that and paste it into the paladin section?

    EDIT: ok i spaced where it needed to match all the others pasted it in there with all the other stuff and log into wow and IT WAS THERE!!!!! /successdance used silver'ss as a template thanks silver
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    As stated earlier you'll want to put that paladin build into a different file. create a new file called Build01.lua and put it into that. Any updates to Zygor can easily overwrite the supplied build file in order to fix mistakes or improve the recommended builds.

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