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  13. Zygor is paying lip service to security
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  17. New website fans "Gold Guides".
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  21. Unable to upgrade/purchase Dailies guide as a member
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  24. Breadcrumb banner at the bottom
  25. Can't find out where to download the guide
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  27. Installation Video link is Dead.
  28. Zygor Guides Banner error
  29. broken/missing/... links
  30. Unable to download anything from the member area
  31. web code error on accessing forum thread
  32. ZGuide.net?
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  38. Cant find or dowload Horde guide
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  45. help plz
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  47. unable to upgrade from Horde Trial
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  51. HELP how do i download
  52. Forum Theme Missing When Logged In
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  54. Unable to pre-order upgrade
  55. OMG PRE-ORDERS! - Ads blocking issue
  56. New site looks good but...
  57. Forum cookie set too short a time?
  58. proffesions in forum profile
  59. Affiliate Page issues
  60. Junk emails to my Zygor Guides email address!
  61. Pretty Big Affiliate Issue IMO - Homepage
  62. Cleanup of the Forums?
  63. Buy page 3.0 confusion
  64. Downloads offline
  65. Bought the full 50$ package, only got dailies and event guide
  66. A Zygor Guide Website Clone?
  67. Multiple pcs
  68. Account Disabled?
  69. Error in Zygor Guides Website?
  70. Sypwareblaster and MVPS Hosts Blocks Click Bank
  71. Support-page, old template
  72. Talent Adviser through level 85?
  73. Full account profile/ change email address
  74. Clickbank Order Number
  75. Is it possible to send people to the Dailies Page?
  76. Not Sure If You Can Share - But What Font Do You Use?
  77. You missed a spot :S
  78. the new dailies and lvling=plus the reps
  79. Special Dailies and Events Offer after buying Horde & Alliance Guide
  80. Dailies and events horde guide
  81. Has your customer database been compromised?
  82. password reset page 404
  83. "Dead link" on your web site's Member's "Downloads" page.
  84. How do I change my email?
  85. A personal wish pertaining to User's guide and forum accounts passwords formats
  86. A spot to download "pre-updated" version
  87. Focus
  88. Edit Profile - Character Race
  89. Cannot Buy the dailies guides from clickbank
  90. which guides build ?
  91. Cannot upgrade account
  92. Alliance & Horde Cataclysm Dailies & Events Guide Package
  93. Profession & Achievement section??
  94. Login screen error (repeatable).
  95. Cannot purchase guide?
  96. [WebSite BUG] full list of achievements NOT showing..
  97. [Website Bug] Member profile page not working at all
  98. [Website Bug] After purshase page error
  99. typo located
  100. I'm missing the download release date and build version
  101. Login bug
  102. Free mini-guides
  103. Possible Bug
  104. Attachment icon positioning overlap
  105. Affiliate link
  106. Post Paypal purchase PHP error
  107. Missing Image
  108. Broken Link
  109. Need SIMPLE step-by-step instructions on uploading/attaching full-size .jgp images
  110. Known Issues since Jan 2011. Are there any remaining as of 3/14/2012?
  111. Thanks to ALL the Administrative posters who devoted their time to us!
  112. I'm having a problem
  113. Attention
  114. Tried multiple ways to add a .jpg to a post. Doesn't work anymore.
  115. zyggor' navigation is as good as Apple's maps
  116. quest objective pop up
  117. Manage Guides
  118. BB Code signature not working in Forum
  119. Website issue
  120. D3 Guide Section gone?
  121. D3 Guide
  122. Forum's auto-marking "as read" (after reading a post) doesn't work as expected
  123. Latemcy Issues?
  124. Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime error: R6025
  125. Firefox browser and Zygor's "Edit a post" error
  126. Damed website won't allow attachments!
  127. Add a 'Like' button.
  128. Missing "new posts" and search function
  129. Zygor Community Blog
  130. The pop-up info when hovering over 'last post'
  131. Two fast questions
  132. Members Area
  133. Zygor and Yahoo MarketingSolutions freezes loading of Zygor forum
  134. Hi getting this error
  135. Image upload problems
  136. Has the forum software been updated lately?
  137. zygor members area error
  138. This seems a little strange to me
  139. Exchanged D3 Guide - Got an error
  140. Forum new look is distressing.
  141. Red should be used for EMPHASIS only
  142. Forum "Last Post Time" setting not working
  143. forum error after using its 'search' tool
  144. Minor errors on web page text
  145. Shopping Cart
  146. WoW pre-order error message
  147. Leveling and Loremaster sections of board.
  148. Support tab and broken links
  149. broken link on website,
  150. Hidden VAT charges until you make order!
  151. Missing Jewelcrafting ?
  152. Forums question
  153. Wrong "Subscriptions" Link?
  154. Web Page Error When Clicking "Advanced" Search Link
  155. Missing link in Auctions gold guide
  156. Can you use other addons with Zygor Guides in WoW
  157. Guide Discount[s]
  158. Can't post comments under new Video on hompe page ?
  159. Unable to download my guides
  160. Buggy user feedback section
  161. Login issues
  162. Problem trying to upgrade.
  163. Can't load with Windows 10? Really?
  164. Swatter Warning???
  165. Reply with quote oddity
  166. Suggestion: Quest Item Keybind Option.
  167. [BUG] Typo
  168. Payment processor rejected transaction
  169. "Remember me" not working, sort of, with Firefox
  170. Use the reputation system and update the cache
  171. Firefox warning not to login to website due to security issue.
  172. Members Area Login Issues
  173. Technical Support Area
  174. Typo in the Zygor Client
  175. Forum Improvement
  176. Client on Standalone Edition, Subscription already Active
  177. Server / Forum instability?
  178. Discord is the future.
  179. deleted elder scrolls
  180. Log In system needs fixing
  181. Changing signature webpage crash
  182. Get new Servers
  183. Find Vendor Crashing Game
  184. German Settings
  185. Cancel my subscription
  186. Forum links at the top are out of date