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Dungeons & Gear guide
World of Warcraft Classic
Dungeons and Gear Guides
Platform: PC/Mac
Dungeons & Gear guide

Dungeons are a great alternative to standard questing, especially when you need to grind a few bars to the next level, because they allow you to complete quests, earn XP with a group, and obtain gear upgrades. Zygor's Dungeon and Gear guide for Classic will navigate you through dungeons, show you how to complete dungeon quests, and provide strategies for all members of your group to defeat the dungeon bosses.

Complete Dungeon Walkthroughs

Dungeons in Classic are slower and harder to navigate than Retail and they have their own unique quests that can be completed for additional XP and rare items. We provide detailed walkthroughs of more than 20 combined dungeons and dozens of dungeon quests.

Map Preview.

Waypoint arrows aren't allowed by Blizzard in Dungeons, but we have the next best thing with our Map Preview feature which places a small see thru map on your screen that shows you where to go using your player position cursor and markers to bosses and quest objectives.

Dungeon Quests.

Our Dungeon guides use a similar style as our Leveling guides to walk you through all the quests in a dungeon, including where to pick the quests up and how to complete the objectives in the most efficient way possible.

Boss Strategies.

Become the leader of the group and always know what to do in every boss encounter. We included detailed breakdowns of the fights and what every role, including Tank, Healer, and DPS, should be doing to take down the toughest dungeon foes. Best of all, with our Share Mode feature, you can share these strategies with your group right through the Party Chat.

Gear Finder

Zygor's Dungeons and Gear guide comes with a custom Gear Finder feature that is able to scan your character and find new gear and weapon upgrades that drop off specific dungeon bosses. Together with our Dungeon Guides you can easily find the upgrades to make your characters as powerful as they can be.

Dungeon Suggestions.

Sometimes there are upgrades available in several different dungeons or raids, making it tricky to choose which one is best. Luckily, our Gear Finder has a Dungeon Suggestion feature that will tell you which dungeon has the most upgrades available and is the best use of your time.

Quest Reward Advisor.

Our built in Quest Reward Advisor will highlight the best quest rewards, saving you the trouble of having to look over each one to find one that fits your class. If no upgrade is found, the item that can be sold for the most gold will be highlighted instead.


Whenever you come across new weapons and armor Zygor will notify you anytime there's an upgrade, allowing you to compare the stats of the new items with your current gear, and it can even equip it for you automatically, so you’re always using the best weapons and armor.