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In-Game Guides for

World of Warcraft

What Are Zygor Guides?

Zygor Guides are the best and fastest way to level your characters in World of Warcraft and accomplish more in less time. Using our custom Guide Viewer addon our guides are displayed inside the game and use an optimized step by step format to tell you everything you need to do.

Guide Viewer Addon

Our guides are displayed right on your screen as you play, and walk you step by step through everything you need to do. There’s no having to read off a printed book or website.

3D Waypoint Arrow

Finding where to go is made simple thanks to our 3D waypoint arrow that points you exactly in the right direction at all times and will even tell you the fastest directions to your location using hearthstones, flight paths, portals and more.

Dynamic Detection

Our addon can detect your progress, accept and turn in quests for you, help you choose quest rewards, and many other tasks to automate and streamline your gameplay experience.

Instant access. Easy Installation.

Download our guides instantly with our custom Zygor Guides client which will install everything for you easily. If you can install the game you can install our guides.

Dragonflight Content

Dracthyr 1-10 Starter Guide

Players creating a new Dracthyr character can use our all new Forbidden Reach starter guide to quickly level up to 60. This guide is written around the new Evoker class that is exclusive to the Dracthyr race.

Dragon Riding Glyphs Guide

Key to the new Dragonriding ability are Dragon Riding Glyphs, which are located all over the Dragon Isles and most be flown through to collect. These glyphs are used to customize your Dragonriding abilities and our guide will direct you to the location of each of these throughout all the new zones.

Dragonflight 60-70 Leveling Guides

Our Dragonflight Leveling guides come complete for optimized power leveling guides for all 4 of the new zones in the Dragon Isles: The Waking Shores, Ohn'ahran Plains, Azure Span and Thaldraszus.

Dragonflight Dungeon Guides

A total of eight new dungeon guides have been added for Dragonflight, four which can be use as alternatives for leveling, and four which are intended for when you reach max level.

These guides will walk you through defeating the dungeon bosses and will provide individual and group strategies for every member of your dungeon party.

Dragonflight Endgame Guides

Once you've reached level 70 you can dive into our guides for the endgame content which includes Dragon Isles World, Weekly, and Daily Quests and miscellouness others. You can also use these guides to raise your renown with the numerous new factions of the expansion.

World Quest Planner
You'll be able to use our World Quest Planner feature to see a breakdown of the available quests and their rewards to better map out the ones you want to do.


More Updates Coming Soon

We’ll be updating our Pets and Mounts, Gold and Professions, and Titles and Achievements guides with all new Dragonflight content in the weeks and months to come. All you need is a Zygor Elite subscription and you’ll receive new content updates weekly.

Learn More About Our Retail Leveling Guides

Classic Content

Including Cataclysm

Zygor Guides also offers a guide set for WoW: Classic which covers Leveling, Dungeons and Gear, and Gold and Professions.

Enjoy the same automation features and optimized guide benefits found in our guides for Retail.

Classic Leveling Guides CATA Leveling Guides

New Features

Startup Orientation

In order function optimally, the Zygor addon needs certain character specific data only a player can access, such as flight map data to provide better travel instructions, and profession data for the Gold Guide. The new Startup Orientation feature will walk you through synchronizing your character with the guides for the best experience possible.

Improved Notifications

Zygor Guides can provide important information while using the guides such as when upgrades are available, or when you see a pet or mount out in the world you'd like to load a guide for. We've updated this system to feel more seamless with your gameplay, with new toast notifications that pop in with relevant info when you need it but fade away automatically if you don't act on them.

Customizable Home Screen

For Dragonflight, we've completely revamped our Home Screen, transforming it into a central hub for all your guide and game needs. You can now fully customize it with Zygor Widgets, individual blocks of info that you can resize and reposition however you like. You can even add them to the Game UI if you wish to monitor them at all times. Here's just a few of the widgets you can add:

Home Screen during widget selection
Home Screen during widget selection.
Level Tracker

Displays the amount of time it took you in /played time for every level, from 1 to max level. Now you can see how Zygor is improving your leveling times and show it off to your friends!

Gold Tracker

Displays how much gold you earned per day and how much you're averaging per week. This is a great way to see how much you're earning with Zygor's Gold Guide.

Bank Item Tracker

View the items you have stored in your bank (and on other characters) even when you're away from time.

This is just a few of the possibilities. We also have widgets for Zygor updates, Daily and Weekly quest reset time, Guide History and Suggested Guides, and much more!

100% Safe To Use. Will Not Get You Banned.

Zygor Guides is 100% safe to use and will NOT get you banned. We make sure to follow all of Blizzard's Policies and do not add any features they do not allow. We have been providing the community with guides since 2007 and no one has EVER been banned for using our guides.

But don't just take our word for it, see what Blizzard has to say about us:

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