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  1. Waypointing Arrow is broken
  2. Anyone elses Waypoint Arrow broken on Worgen 1-15?
  3. goblin way point
  4. Version 3.0.1568 has finally been released
  5. Waypoint Arrow Problem
  6. Eastern Kingdoms 12-20, Step 64
  7. Worgan Guide, After step 106 - Cursor Arror Locks up
  8. No Waypoint Arrow after update 3.0.1573???
  9. Carbonite Waypointing
  10. i think ive disbabled the arrow
  11. Step 239 Uldum Guide
  12. Wrong waypoint for "See you on the other side!"
  13. Minor waypoint arrow text issue
  14. Zygor guides arrow with spanish language
  15. French version issue ?
  16. waypoint and sexymap
  17. Step 81, Tauren
  18. Death Knight (55-60) step 109 (Nethergard Keep)
  19. Internal Arrow Freezing
  20. It is possible to update ASTROLABE libs ...
  21. Arrow disappears
  22. Waypoint Moving
  23. Troll leveling, Kalimdor (25-30)
  24. Waypont
  25. Distance isn't working.
  26. Clogwerk Arrow
  27. Waypoint arrow disappeared
  28. "Take the zep to Undercity"
  29. Waypoint not updating since upgrade to 3.0.1688
  30. Arrow does not work in The Barrens
  31. Arrow stopped working after todays up date
  32. Todays feb 14 update has caused the arrow to revert to the problem state in Hyjal
  33. Create Map Marker Bailing Out and Unable to Create Waypoint
  34. Aroow is frozen
  35. FP Skipping
  36. Mount Hyjal Direction Error
  37. dot when arrow points straight ahead has disappeared.
  38. Zygor no longer detects TomTom after TomTom update
  39. guide froze only works manully
  40. waypointer problems
  41. Waypoint Arrow Frozen ( pointing down ) since Vrs. 3.2.2434
  42. Next waypoint not working
  43. Waypoint to corpse broken
  44. BUG: worgen guide Waypoint Arrow not working
  45. Way Point Error: Dolph Blastus Badlands
  46. Broken Carbonite arrow in 2644
  47. Minimap corpse mouseover
  48. Broken arrow, pointing down in Worgan start area, Vrs. 3.2.2677
  49. Broken Arrow, Worgen start area, Gilneas, newest version of guide as of 26-09-11
  50. Waypoint Arrow with Hudmaps?
  51. Carbonite arrow issue
  52. Scholomance (or however you spell it)
  53. Alliance Night Elf level 82 Arrow issues
  54. Corpse Arrow
  55. Waypoint arrow pointing down
  56. Waypoint Arrow pointing down (Outlands, Blade's Edge Mountains 67-68)
  57. Arrow Scaling not working
  58. Dalaran Dailies
  59. Waypoint arrow disabled from newest patch
  60. Waypoint arrow is not working properly
  61. Odd behaviour from the arrow
  62. Waypoint Arrow Off
  63. Not showing on the screen
  64. Way Point (make Non-Interactive) is not working for me after I enabled it.
  65. waypoint confused ..
  66. MiniMap pointer Goes away
  67. Waypoint bug
  68. Way Point Arrow Giving Wrong Directions
  69. Kun-Lai Summit area Waypoint bug
  70. arrow not working
  71. Waypoint arrow buggy
  72. travel system directs you to wrong location when switching zones
  73. Level 90 - My own flying mount
  74. routing system
  75. Carbonite Opensource Conflict?
  76. Travel System
  77. Built in waypoint arrow always point down
  78. Waypoint arrow does not turn off
  79. Arrow doesn't work
  80. Broken Arrow
  81. Travel System bug while flying the route from SW City to the Wetlands
  82. Waypoint arrow broken since updating to 4.05423
  83. Aroow not working most of the time
  84. Ants Don't Stop
  85. Missing Waypoint arrow, Ants and Model Viewer
  86. zygor cursor infomation
  87. Broken arrow after going to way point on Leveling Professions guide
  88. Small travel system problem
  89. Waypoint arrow bugs release 4.0.5520
  90. Arrow in Jade Forest of Level guide stays pointed at Jade Forest
  91. LUA crash using waypoint system for farming
  92. Waypoint arrow not showing on screen
  93. Animated Map Dots 'Ant Trails' Color issues
  94. Waypoint arrow broken after 4.0.5617
  95. Mage waypointing issue
  96. "Hearth to the location you're in"
  97. Waypoint arrow and/or travel system
  98. Problems with flightmaster in Dalaran
  99. More travel system woes
  100. Arrow Just Spins
  101. Pet Battle Window
  102. Waypoint and Farming
  103. Travel system again
  104. Minor issue with mage teleports
  105. stuck waypoint
  106. Waypoint Arrow Not Updating
  107. Enter mine waypoint stuck
  108. Isle of Thunder minimap icon out of scale
  109. Nagrand Pathing Error
  110. Quick Fix - WP Arrow not showing?
  111. Flight Paths not showing Pandaria
  112. Travel System - Sunsong Ranch
  113. Travel system ignoring hearthstone again
  114. [Travel System] Fastest, use every trick - Dalaran trinkets and rings
  115. [Travel System] Speedbarge Bar
  116. Waypoint Arror stopped working.
  117. [Travel System] Astral Recall
  118. [Travel System] Valiant Rest
  119. [Travel System] Orgrimmar to Blasted Lands
  120. [Travel System] Fastest Ironforge to Darkmoon Island
  121. [Travel System] Hammerfall
  122. [Travel System] Iron Summit
  123. [Travel System] Journey to Thrallmar
  124. Waypoint arrow re-location is not being included in the Profiles
  125. [Travel System] Fallowmere Inn
  126. Waypoint arrow points to wrong location
  127. [Travel System] Druid via Moonglade
  128. [Travel System] Darnassus to Thunderfoot Inn (VotFW)
  129. [travel system] Stormwind to Darkshore via Booty Bay?
  130. Travel Guide Waypointing
  131. Iron Horde guide waypoints are out.
  132. Memory usage bug possibly related to pointer arrow
  133. arrow not showing patch
  134. Warlords Waypooint issue
  135. Waypoint Arrow "stuck"
  136. Green mini map icons
  137. Guide does not work with my world map
  138. Worgen Arrow Malfunction
  139. Green dots on map/Loading for certain chars
  140. Step 89 in Nagrand - Draenore 98+
  141. Can't use the taxi service with the guide active
  142. Unable to use Flight Paths from Flightmasters with zygor guide active
  143. Portal to Shadowmoon Valley
  144. Mage travel system strangeness
  145. Issue with Waypoint Arrow
  146. Travel System Issues
  147. Arrow waypoint guides you for about 5 seconds then stops.
  148. Gorgrond Step 38 - Travel System Arrow Error
  149. Issue with Waypoint Arrow ( around lvl 80)
  150. Waypoint arrow not showing correct directions??
  151. Zygor Arrow not pointing in the right direction
  152. Travel System in Winterspring
  153. Routing towards Draenor at level 90
  154. Question about the 4 hour "alt-hearthstones"
  155. Carbonite Mapping...
  156. Travel Arrow Issue in Taldor Guide Step 256
  157. Guide arrow is permanently red/pointing down
  158. Direction arrow immediately tells you to exit cave after entering.
  159. Direction Arrow Disapears
  160. Waypoint Arrow disappears while in Deepholm
  161. Zygor Guide and caves...
  162. Hearthstone
  163. Kalimdor 'caves'
  164. Travel system sending me to flight points I don't have
  165. Low level flying...
  166. Travel System & Way-point Arrow Broken
  167. Constantly telling me to fly to places i've never been
  168. Ancient Teleport: Dalaran
  169. Flight paths since 6.1 patch
  170. Can`t get waypoint arrow to work
  171. Flight Paths I don't have
  172. Timeless Isle
  173. An Issue With Flightpoints
  174. Glyph of Astral Fixation
  175. Astral Recall not being used
  176. Travel system not working, red arrow does not work
  177. Disabling the "Click here to add waypoint" feature
  178. Waypoint arrow not working
  179. Stormshield Portal To Lion's Den
  180. travel steps not advancing
  181. Battle at the Iron Front!
  182. Night Elf (1-11) weird arrow waypoints with quest steps 78-80
  183. Guide thinks I have flight points that I haven't
  184. way point error issue
  185. Travel system ignoring some forms of travel
  186. Zygor Guide and Caves Pt. 2
  187. Waypoint Arrow Just a Red Circle with X, Alliance Toons Only
  188. Travel System LUA errors
  189. Astral Recall only suggested for Stormwind
  190. Travel system missing items
  191. New bug report
  192. POI system
  193. Travel System
  194. POI icons
  195. To all the squirrells and Pest Control
  196. Remove Skyfire Airship
  197. Besides the LibRover bug, the travel system is horribly confused...
  198. Couldn't Use Flight Paths with Zygor on
  199. Travel System - Weird travel suggestions
  200. Travel system not suggesting a flight path
  201. Waypoint Arrow is way off
  202. Travel System error - Version=6.0.14478
  203. Pointer Lua Error
  204. Highmountain elevator generally confusing
  205. Travel System very buggy in Legion
  206. Suggestion to use "Jump to Skyhold" as a Hunter
  207. Travel system is initializing...
  208. Error changing arrow to 3D-Gem
  210. Travel System point to previous point
  211. Brewfest Pink Elephants on Parade
  212. Tip for boosted or Demon Hunter characters:
  213. Travel System sending my character to Warden's Redoubt always? Got no quests there!
  214. Error in guide 14630
  215. Just got this Travel System error when logging in this morning.
  216. [Travel] Map node count mismatch. Faction H, 2635 present, 2633 expected
  217. Flight Master's Whislte
  218. Ants and LibRover..
  219. Bloodgazer Swarm World Quest Travel Error
  220. Suramar Step 766
  221. Arrow spins with the hour glass
  222. Feast of Winter Viel
  223. Zygor way command requires zone
  224. Zygor way zone is case sensitive
  225. Argent Tournament Grounds Dailies Not Using Hearth as best path
  226. Navigation
  227. Crazy Arrow Broken
  228. Travel System improvement suggestions
  229. Gadgetzan Inn
  230. Hyjal dungeon guide pop-up in Gadgetzan
  231. Firefly Tavern
  232. Foxflower farming route
  233. Arrow Sizing
  234. Travel System is Initializing error
  235. Travel System doesn't update as i pass through nodes
  236. Addon Integration with World Flight Map
  237. Guide Suggesting strange path...
  238. Arrow way off
  239. [Legion] Suggesting flight paths
  240. No Arrow
  241. Cant use "nearest vendor" waypoint finder
  242. Tonights Update
  243. waypoint arrow
  244. Theramore flight path
  245. Navigation system without Guide Viewer
  246. LUA errors
  247. Minimap Circles?
  248. Unable to click Hearthstone or Flight Masters Whistle above Nav arrow
  249. What happened to the different looking waypoint arrows?
  250. Navigation Link for using "The Innkeeper's Daughter" Not Working