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What are your favorite AddOns to run with Zygor?

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    What are your favorite AddOns to run with Zygor?

    Hey there!

    Brand new Zygor user, pretty satisfied with what this great addon has to offer, but I was curious to know what were you guys using to complement this addon?

    I personally use Gatherer in order to remember mining nodes location as well as DBM, I saw some users posting about Auctionator and other auction-related addons to facilitate the moneymaking.

    What are your suggestions?

    When I'm in game and playing for fun my 2nd go-to addon (Zygor is the first) is the Ovale Spell Priority addon. It's great for alt-a-holics like me to be able to have rotations shown for all classes so that way I don't have to try to remember them for all the classes.

    And DBM is almost a must for anyone that runs dungeons or raids.
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      For me the most important ones are Bagnon and Altoholic.
      Bagnon because I like to have all my stuff in one place and not in half a dozen bag windows.
      And Altoholic to keep track of all my characters.

      Because I do pet battles pretty often I use PetJournal Enhanced, PetBattle Teams and PetTracker.

      And for the daily stuff I use World Quest List and World Quest Group Finder.
      The first one shows a list of all the world quests and their faction and reward next to the map and the secone one makes looking for world quest groups or creating your own easier.