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Old Vanilla leveling made enjoyable with Zygor

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    Old Vanilla leveling made enjoyable with Zygor

    So I boosted a druid on TBC to enjoy TBC and that was great! Now, I wanted to play with my other fav class (hunter) too, but you can’t! You have to level 1-58 first and we all know how slow and confusing that is in vanilla wow, even with the alleged tbc xp increases. So guides are awesome for finding the most stress free and fast leveling. I used Joana’s one earlier that is great, but it is web only.

    And here comes the point where zygor really kicks ass! The in-game guide is absolutely amazing! It is more fun to play with it as it runs you on quests that are generally easier and slightly lower level than you.

    Also the farming guide that dynamically scans trends from AH is really something. I was looking at some ways to get gold for the first mount and the tool suggested farming clam meat in hillsbrad… I was quite sceptical about it, but gave it a spin. After 10 minutes I had 10 pieces of meat that I put on AH and next time I logged in, all were sold and I was 10g richer!

    All in all, I think the grindy leveling part is lot more enjoyable with Zygor. 10/10