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Returned to classic after years away. WOW is your addon amazing.

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    Returned to classic after years away. WOW is your addon amazing.

    This add-on is truly awesome. The level of detail is great. For example: if you are going to need something for an upcoming quest, the guide tells you what to grab. It could be a vendor item or even something via AH, but Zygor makes sure you have it in your inventory so you don't have to backtrack. Another thing is, it will have you run to grab a flight path when you are in the best and nearest position to once again, not have to backtrack. There are absolutely ZERO issues running this solo. The only issue is when you are running with a friend who does not use it. Zygor only has you get and keep current quests and when in groups people have a tendency to grab every ! that they see.

    This small issue is not with Zygor, it's with people that do not have it. Everyone thinks they know the "best way" to do quests but Zygor has proven that we do not. Love this program for sure and will continue to pay to have it. worth every single penny.

    Glad you like the guides.

    If you are playing with friends you could get them to download the trial version of the guides and then use the Share Mode (https://zygorguides.com/support/manual/sharemode) to share your guides with the group and keep everyone on the same page. Just keep in mind that the Share Mode is a little quirky so you want to make sure everyone in the group is using the Share Mode and that you are the only one changing the steps. What you see is what they will see and your steps will not advance (with Share Mode on) until everyone in the group has completed the step.
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