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    I believe this should be fixed now with the small update we sent out yesterday for fixing these different errors.
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      I've used Zygor on/off since I started playing in WoTLK, I've had my ups and downs with Zygor but honestly they don't upgrade their old guides even if the game changes they say the "newer guides" are more important but yet many people level alts or even new toons because they are new to the game. They blame everything on every other addon, I just upgraded ONLY Zygor and now the game has errors with Blizzard CORE self addons but they say its not their problem because the error doesn't say Zygor. Disable Zygor and not a single error at all but again its not Zygor's problem. When I first started using the addons years and years ago I came on the forums noting issues and providing solutions and that was when it was a one time purchase. Now you have to pay monthly and they refuse to update older guides even though I purcahsed them because I don't have their Elite. Now they have Classic/WoTLK I don't get those guides even though I purcahsed them 10 years ago? All they say is they can't maintain older guides good because they are short staffed *They have said that since 10+ years ago* don't have time.


        We're sorry to hear that some of you are disappointed in your guide service. However, many of these issues are caused by external factors beyond our control.

        The "addon is blocked" issue was addressed 7 weeks ago in this blog post here: https://zygorguides.com/blog/general...locked-errors/

        To summarize, it has nothing to do with the Zygor addon (despite the error mentioning Zygor) but rather than new UI update Blizzard made, which spreads code taint from the UI to third party addons. The message then just adds in the name of the addon the taint has been spread to. This has been affecting numerous addons since the UI change was made, not just Zygor. We are trying to implement safeguards to preventing the taint from affecting our addon. In the meantime, you can just type /reload in the chat or click the hamburger menu and select "reload" and the problem will resolve itself.

        As for professions, we've pretty much never had professions available at release of an expansion. This is because in order to code and test the guides and ensure they are properly tracking and completing steps we have to perform the steps on the live servers by buying enormous amounts of materials off the Auction House. This is fine on the live servers where such materials are plentiful, but in beta the Auction House is practically dead, so this is impossible. That is why we always add the profession guides in post launch. The first wave of profession guides were added today, you can find them using the Featured Section.

        A similar problem exists with World Quests. In order to dynamically code guides for them we have to encounter them ourselves, and since they are random and limited each day, we can only add them in as fast as we encounter them.

        We understand that this is frustrating, however, please note that due to these circumstances, all guide providers will face these same problems. Zygor does still offer the most day one and continuous content of any provider currently available and we will continue to do so.
        Zygor Guides Creative Director


          So can you tell me why Balance of Power Quest from Legion your guide says you can get Shards EVERY WEEK FROM EVERY DIFFICULTY but you can't? I reported this at least 1 or 2 years ago myself. When your doing Step 20 I did Mythic, Heroic, normal just now for my druid and I was at 27/30 completed mythic, then went on to heroic and at the end of the raid was still 27/30 and just did normal and still 27/30. Many reports I have done for you guys on the forums have still yet to be fixed 3+ years later.


            i dont play wow atm i find it boring but when i used it even in DF i never seen crashing issues or errors with my setup. once i play wow again i Purchase this again wow is just boring atm i dont like pve/pvp you always play with bad people the only option for me would be constantly lvling new toons making gold doing dailies world quest. mount farming


              They can't even keep the gear upgrades correct anymore. Constantly being told that cloth and leather gear with worse stats than the plate i am wearing on my prot warrior is better than my currently equipped.


                SHIT like this makes the guide worthless as hell. I open it up because I am at 31/40 look at map and I have 5 more chests showing up, so I'm like umm ok let's load up Zygor.

                You have

                Step 1:
                Discover 9 more Treasures.

                Step 2:

                ARE YOU SERIOUS? Other Treasure guides like Tanaan Jungle and etc. take you to EACH chest, your quality has gone downhill over the years, and this is apparent and keeps being apparent each and every expansion since you implemented pay per month. When it was buying the expac guide things were better, now you have a monthly income you don't hire more people and you say, "We are working on the latest and greatest and old guides aren't updated" So why are we paying? We all don't just play NEW content we go back and do old content also.

                This is absolute BULLSHIT why I haven't and will not recommend zygor in 7ish years.
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