The classic guide was upsetting me so I decided to give the main competition a try as that's what I mainly used for retail but zygor announced their classic release first so subbed for it just in case the competition was late.

I stuck with zygor acknowledging its flaws but thinking it was ok. Until I went off guide for some dungeons and everything seems to just blow up as I was now out leveling the one guide but the next guide was broken because of reliance on the last guide.

Well that issue sticks around with the competition.

Both lack dungeon and profession guides. I know the competition is planning dungeon guides and I hope zygor is as well.

Not sure if either are planning profession guides(ideally one for while leveling and one for max level if you do them).

So while it's far from perfect I will say at least for now it's better than the main competition and hope they get it up to par with retail. Possibly even adding things like getting all the recipes for professions, how to find pets(yes classic has pets they just take up a bag space), and cool stuff like that.