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    Zygor at the moment

    I just wanted to post some quick feedback regarding the addon. Currently I have experienced issues with how the addon has worked, a large part of what I enjoyed about the addon was the auction and mail facilities.

    These both either don't work or have issues, I am a little upset that these things don't work but I do know that zygor support is second to none, the addon itself is very functional and is very good for a lot of things just it hasn't hit my previously high expectations.

    Addon is brilliant for levelling
    Good gold farming ideas that you wouldn't normally think of
    A guide for almost everything.
    Amazing support staff.

    Auction house posting bugs
    Lack of mailbox features (mail doesn't load)
    Pathing and arrow issues, I have found quicker ways to get places.
    Auction house scan (Not working correctly)

    All in all, once there has been an auctionhouse fix implemented I will be back, its just the main use for me of this addon.

    Overall Very happy, just not for me.

    I too am disappointed about the mail and auction house functionality. I paid for the Elite membership but other than the excellent levelling guides it is not doing what I paid for which is to help me increase my gold more easily and quickly.


      Originally posted by deanuz View Post
      Pathing and arrow issues, I have found quicker ways to get places.
      You've probably already tried this, but in the settings there's a slider for speed or comfort (as well as ranges in between). Have you tried moving it all the way to speed and if so, did that make a difference?