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Zygor through the years

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    Zygor through the years

    Before I start - I should mention.. I'm a long time gamer (first video game was Pong in the 70s). While I love games, I enjoy the playing aspect and not struggling to figure out quests etc. Whatever game I play, I tend to use online resources often to help guide me through the game.

    I first started playing WoW back in Burning Crusade days. I played a lot through Wrath of the Lich King before hanging up my WoW hat for many years. I clearly remember using Zygor during those early days. The key reasons I enjoyed Zygor back then:
    • Helped find the quest givers/return points
    • Explained how to solve some of the quests
    • Took me all over Azeroth - so as I leveled I got flight paths and explored much more than if I just leveled without it

    I returned to WoW during the Legion / Battle For Azeroth timeframe and played for a year or so, but once again hung up my WoW hat.

    I have now returned again prior to Shadowlands release. As I was getting my addons setup again, a memory of Zygor popped into my head. For kicks I did a search and low and behold Zygor is still around!

    I have been using it for leveling, professions, reputation grinding etc. With so much content in WoW these days it is definitely a huge help! I have been impressed with the Shadowlands pre-launch content as well. They definitely keep it updated!!

    Thanks and hats off to the Zygor team for a great product!


    Thank you, we appreciate your support.