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Un'Goro Crater - step 131 - Can't get quest

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    Un'Goro Crater - step 131 - Can't get quest

    I'm on the last step 131. At the quest giver, I'm unable to get the quest: 'Blasted Lands: The other side of the World'.

    I looked up the quest on wowhead.com to see if there was some conditions that haven't been met or if the quest giver was moved.. looks like won't be able to get the quest. Not sure why though.



    That is a breadcrumb quest and you can safely skip that step if you're not able to pick it up.
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      Yea, I figured as much since I got the achievement for completing all the storylines for that zone. I figure I would let you know that the guide wasn't really clear if this quest was optional or not.

      Also note, I think this guide needs to reviewed completely. I had another instance during the guide when a quest complete popup occurs, and your addon with the autocomplete feature turned on, completes the quest but was not able to pick up the next quest. I had to look up the quest in wowhead to see who was the NPC quest giver and then go back to an NPC to get the quest. I was then able to continue on with guide. I didn't report it because the last time I reported an issue similar to this, your team suggested this was user error rather than the addon / guide.
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