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Issue with auto-completion of quests / steps

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    Issue with auto-completion of quests / steps

    HI Folks.

    Firstly thanks for the service et all.

    I have an on going issue with Zygor no completing steps on an ALT character - all the while, its working just fine on my main character. I am unsure if its an issue with the guide, the alt, or quite what!

    The ALT has just been boosted to 120 via a token, and is a herbalist / mining mule.
    The behaviour has been observed on three different days.


    There may be an issue with the guide structure (as well) ? It can be found under

    Professions /Mining / Quest Guides / Battle for Azeroth / Kul Tiran Mining Quest line

    Note 1: The side panel in the viewer states that this will guide is for the Legion Mining quest line - its not!

    Note 2: Under Professions, Mining, Levelling there is no BFA section - this differs from (for example) Herbalism that is correctly nested under Professions / Herbalism/ Levelling /Battle for Azeroth

    Observed Behaviour:

    Completing a step does not advance the guide.


    Step 1 - set Snug Harbour Inn as your Home does not advance the guide, not does hitting 25 ore, nor does visiting the flight point in step 5, or learning a recipe in steps 3,4,6,7 etc.

    No auto flying at the flight master also happens, despite the correct settings

    Steps Tried:

    1) Logging back into main, guides advance as expected (different ones obviously!)
    2) Disabling all add-ons aside from Zygor, no change in behaviour (main still works, alt does not - both run the same add ons)
    3) Creating a new profile for Zygor - no change in behaviour
    4) Updating the Client, checking its running, or hitting repair from client - no change

    Note: I see the same behaviour on the herbalist guide on the same character (it wont recognise that I already have it trained!

    Further Notes:

    Marking a step as complete advances it, however, if you reset back to the beginning, it still fails to platy catchup and stops on the same 'marked as complete step'

    I have already disabled the beta share feature , as per another forum post

    Guide is version 7.0.22469

    Any help appreciated as its driving me crazy!

    Last edited by mizpah; June 5, 2020, 05:36 PM.

    Try going into the guide viewer settings and disable the share mode section. It sounds like the share mode is stuck waiting for other players in your group (even when not in a group) to complete that step. Disabling share mode will get it past that and allow it to advance like normal again.
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