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Guide wants me to go to a location that has nothing to do with any of my steps

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    Guide wants me to go to a location that has nothing to do with any of my steps

    My waypoint arrow is stuck with trying to have me go to a particular location in Tiragarde Sound. If I choose a world quest or open any other guide, the arrow does that "working" animation, but then goes right back to it.

    In other words, it's insisting that I go to this location, no matter what guide is open or closed, etc. And, if I go there, it does nothing...just says 0 distance.

    I'm a little surprised that there isn't something in the settings that allows for "resetting" the viewer (or at least, I couldn't find it.) And, since you can't completely close all guide tabs (at least one has to be open at all times), I just can't figure out how to fix this.

    (Note: I've been using Zygor guides for several years and I've never had this happen before. Is it possible that it's related to the most recent update?)

    Also, I want to clarify that the guide itself is working fine and updating properly, etc. It's just that the waypoint arrow and "directions" (i.e., where it wants me to go) never changes no matter what step the guide is on, what the guide says, which guide is open, etc. It is just STUCK.

    Finally, at least as of right now, this is only affecting one character.
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      Try doing a full guide reset.

      1. exit WoW
      2. go to the WoW/_retail_/Interface/Addons folder and delete the ZygorGuidesViewer folder
      3. go to the WoW/_retail_/WTF/Account/<your account name here>/SavedVariables folder and delete the Zygor files in there
      4. run the desktop client and install a fresh copy of the guides
      5. go back in game to test and let me know if that fixed it
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        I logged in to double-check before following those steps, and it seemed to be fixed. If it happens again, I'll let you know.