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Shutting SIS off till it is fixed question.

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    Shutting SIS off till it is fixed question.

    I know you guys are busy and hard at work fixing the SIS issues. So I am not going to even bother asking for an ETA because you are always up on top of things like this and so I have faith it will get done and posted when you guys are satisfied with it.

    My question though is this. I have been reading the forums a bit to try and figure out how to disable SIS until it is fixed and was wondering if this is the correct solution.

    Right click the Z, go to Dynamic progress. Unclick all options and then slide the "allow levels ahead" slider all the way to the right (80). To my understanding this will stop all dynamic movement of the guide forcing me to click each and every time I need to progress forward int he guide.

    So is this the right way to do it?

    Edit: Are the dailies/events guides effected by Sis? And it's immediate issues?

    Yes it's the right way. Also it should still go to the next step. It's just on some quests it won't do that. The sis is mainly for keeping up with you as you out level the guide so that you have the best quests for your level.
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      For your edit question, yes and no. All of the guides rely on the SIS to some degree, however with the Dailies they mostly assume that you're already 80 so the guides aren't really trying to skip stuff. If you check the 'skip impossible steps' box then when you have one of those spots where there are multiple possible daily quests from a single NPC the guide will then attempt to skip the steps involved in the quests that weren't available for the day. But for the most part the Dailies & Events will normally show all steps because those are things that you really don't want to be skipping.
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        Thanks guys. The answers totally make sense. I appreciate all you guys do to keep people abreast of what is going on and how things work. Thanks a lot!