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Onyxia quest chain removed during WOTLK pre-patch but guide ask for it

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    Onyxia quest chain removed during WOTLK pre-patch but guide ask for it

    The start of the Onyxia quest chain "Dragonkin Menace" is still in the guide and one of the main ones to do when you arrive to Burning Steppes. The guide will mark this quest as "really important to finish" (literally) but the entire quest chain has been removed as of patch 3.0.2 so there is no way to start it speaking with the NPC that should give it to you (Helendis Riverhorn).

    Problem with this is that there is a massive experience gap missing if you try to follow the guide (from this point on) as it counts that you have the Onyxia chain started but you have not. Please this need a fix ASAP with an alternate and current WOTLK expansion route as right now from level 53 on-wards the guide starts to be hard to follow and you will be under-level until you reach Outland at level 58.

    Thank you.
    Last edited by garcivic; October 12, 2022, 09:29 PM.

    I hope this gets fixed ASAP, im approaching that level quickly.


      It is in our list to be fixed but I do not know how fast that will be done.
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        Not removed as of 26/05/2023 O.o