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[BUG][1-15] Human Guide, Step 162-163

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    [BUG][1-15] Human Guide, Step 162-163

    Found a missing step in the 1-13 Human Guide in the Auberdine Section

    Step 154, has you pick up the Quest 'How Big a Threat?' from Terenthis
    Step 162, has you enter the Corrupted Furbolg Camp
    Step 163, has you walk back to the building and try and turn in the Quest to Terenthis

    There's no step for "slay these things", so at 163 you are unable to proceed.

    Step 163 needs to be:
    Kill Task
    Blackwood Pathfinder x8
    Blackwood Windtalker x5

    and 164 should be turn in

    correction: guide is 1-13, not 1-15 xD

    You must have missed something. There are 2 quests named "How Big a Threat" in a chain. The first one in the chain, which is what those steps are for, is to just explore and find the camp. The 2nd quest in the chain with the same name is to do the killing. You do that 2nd quest in the 13-20 guide, so it would seem like you picked up the 2nd quest in the chain prematurely and thought that it was the wrong thing.
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