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Classic Reputations and Mount Guides

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    Classic Reputations and Mount Guides

    It appears that this is already implemented in retail, but not classic. Why is that? Seems like a no brainer to me. Farming reputation for places like Argent Dawn would have been a godsend.

    Originally before Cataclysm we only had Leveling and Dailies guides. When the Classic servers came out those were the only old guides we had which were updated to work with the new Classic servers. Since Cataclysm changed the zones around a lot the current Retail guides won't work on the old Classic servers which means that all of the extra guides like professions, mounts, reputations, titles, etc. all have to be created from scratch and added as we are able to get them added. Priorities for what is created/updated is in a constant state of flux because since the Classic servers went live we've had Shadowlands, TBC Classic, Wrath Classic, and Dragonflight to also work on (along with the new content added with the major patches). We will get things add when we can but now we have to also look at what can be done for the new hardcore servers that will be coming out most likely in a few months.
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