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Post 60 Shadowlands Confusion

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    Post 60 Shadowlands Confusion

    I am wondering if there is a guide that I am missing, but I am finding myself very confused about the post 60 content for Shadowlands.
    Most of this is around dailies/weeklies

    The first problem I am finding, Is for the Night Fae questline when I get to step 109 and need to talk too Ysera she has nothing for me. I found a forum post saying there is other stuff I need to do which I am surprised the guide does not tell me that like it did for the renown requirement.

    I am also finding myself not feeling like I can rely on the Zygor UI completely for quests. It seems like most (if not all) of the daily quests are actually weeklies. And it would be nice of the UI told me when a specific objective was for a daily and not a weekly.

    But then looking around at various guides I am seeing stuff about the actual dailies (not weeklies) in the Maw. And then stuff about Torghast and Runecarver.

    Basically. Something about all of this is not really clicking for me, I don't really know what it is yet. I think some of the confusion is trying to fit those guides into what I am seeing in Zygor.
    So I am curious if there is any way to get something like a "Shadowlands Dailies" guide that is really just a reference to other guides to make sure I am not missing something or any caps I could hit. Whatever. And it be clear when I am working on a Daily and when I am working on a Weekly.

    For the covenant stuff there is no definite answer to what allows some of the storyline quests to appear. It is believed that it is 1 of 3 things that control this: the calling quests, progress in the Torghast quests, and progress in the Runecarver quest. This is why you will see some other posts saying to make sure you have completed all of your calling quests for the day, rescued Baine from Torghast, and done enough with the Runecarver to be at the quest where you have to get 1250 soul ash. You will use the Night Fae Dailies, Torghast, and Runecarver guides for those.

    For the dailies/weeklies they are covered by the Night Fae Dailies guide. There are 2 weekly quests, one to collect 1000 anima and one to rescue 5 souls from the Maw. Those are what will progress your Renown level. Then you have up to 3 active Calling quests which are your daily quests for the covenant. I say you can have up to 3 because if you complete them all it will take 3 days to get a full 3 again if you do not do any dailies for those 3 days. You gain 1 calling quest every day so if you are doing them every day then you will only ever have 1 daily each day for your covenant. True dailies haven't been in the game for several years, they were replaced by the World Quest system and it's the World Quest Planner that you want to use if you want to do daily style quests.

    The Torghast guide will help you with getting Torghast unlocked and the Runecarver guide will help you progress that quest line so you can make legendary gear.
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