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Darkmoon Tradeskill Quests bugged

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    Darkmoon Tradeskill Quests bugged

    I've used the guide to do the Darkmoon Faire tradeskill quests countless times in the past; however, this time it seems to be very buggy and is not working as it should.

    For example, the "Darkmoon Faire Quests" guide is only guiding me to do the fishing quest, the archeology quest, "Test Your Strength" and "Welcome to the Darkmoon Races", and all of the various world item drop quest starter items. I tried doing the guide several times and this last time I literally left-clicked my way through the entire guide and never asked me to accept any of the other tradeskill quests, including cooking and my two professions: engineering and herbalism.

    I confirmed that this is the right guide for the cooking quest by finding it on Wowhead (https://www.wowhead.com/quest=29509/...ch-in-the-frog) and then searching in the viewer for "quest:29509". It properly showed the "Darkmoon Faire Quests" guide ...but, as I said, going through it step-by-step with left click on the forward arrow or using right click on the forward arrow never pulled up the cooking quest or my two profession quests (engineering and herbalism.)

    I know that Zygor is designed to skip steps as needed, but just in case it helps with tracking down the bug, here are the steps that it SKIPS when I use that guide and tediously left-click my way through the guide (otherwise it goes sequentially): from 1 to 8, from 10 to 12, from 12 to 17, from 17 to 27, from 27 to 38, from 38 to 46, and from 47 to 59. Otherwise it goes step-by-step with no skips from 59 to the end of the guide (step 84.)

    I can provide a video if it helps.