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Gear upgrades that IMO shouldn't be how to fix this?

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    Gear upgrades that IMO shouldn't be how to fix this?

    So I'm solo leveling a Ret paladin in TBC. Zygor constantly claims the same thing in regards to gear that a new item is better than what I'm wearing when I find that hard to believe. For instance I'll be wearing my usual mail gear and a cloth piece will drop and Zygor claims it's better than my mail that I'm wearing. Why on earth would a ret paladin switch his mail chest piece over cloth robes? There seriously has to be a way to change this so it stops. These robes has better stats if I was a caster and not melee. Here is an example that just took place.


    Grunt's Legguards of the Gorilla
    157 Armor (Mail)
    +5 Strength
    +5 Intellect

    Zygor claims this is a 47% upgrade

    Scouting Trousers of Intellect
    73 Armor (Leather)
    +8 Intellect

    Sounds like the gear system might be stuck on Holy. Did you manually set the item score settings or have you been using default? Try manually switching to Prot spec in the item score settings and then switch it over to Ret spec. See if that then still tries to suggest the Int gear.
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      Item score setting says Retribution. I manually changed everything in there within the past hour and somewhat fixed the issue. Just not sure why the guide always wants me to replace my gear with gear that doesn't fit my build. It's crazy that it wants to replace my mail chest piece with a cloth robe.