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Release Date?

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    Release Date?

    I know that the original Gold Guide's December release date window has been pushed back at this point but can you give us a new estimated window?

    We want to make sure our new Warlords of Draenor guides are perfect and everyone in the community is happy with them before switching focus to the Gold Guide launch. The release will depend on how long this takes but we're aiming for Quarter 1, 2015.
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      I think "perfect" is a bit of a bold statement. I mean the gear guide has been a train wreck since launch and we all know that. I don't mean that to be overly harsh. It is a good product when it works properly. But getting it to work properly has proven to be very difficult.

      I'm not trying to tell you how to run your business but I will offer a suggestion from a customer service standpoint. Releasing the Gold guide on time would do nothing but help you and your team. Your customers would eat it up and love you for it. It's something that has been requested for years.

      You will always have bugs and glitches in everything that you release but PR is extremely important. I think pushing the Gild Guide out would be a very wise move.

      Just my two cents.


        Would you mind keeping us updated of the release date?


          If it was not ready then you should not have released a video about it. Just pissed me off by saying its will be relesed for December and now its not.


            You have bugs in the gear guide. There are bugs in the way point system while leveling. Bugs here bugs there in everything. I can understand wanting to get the largest of these resolved before releasing something new but when release dates change you need to make an announcement just like you did for the expected release date for the gold guide and not have people having to dig into the forums to find out it has changed. Even if it is buggy, I would be buying it today because I know it will be very helpful and I know that you will fix any problems that come up. So give us an early Xmas present and release it. Let the whiners whine and the rest of us add some gold to our characters.

            That is my two cents.

            FYI you have bugs in your website. If you are already logged in and you go to http://www.zygorguideseso.com/zygorguides/ then all the links at the top "Sign up, Forum, Support etc." all take you to http://www.zygorguideseso.com/zygorguides/ You might want to fix that. Also all the links at the bottom under "Home" and "Support" take you there.
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              That zygorguideseso.com website does not belong to us. It appears to be an affiliate site that links back to us.
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                Ahh it looks like your site and it is the first thing that pops up under a google search. It does list it as an ad though. Sorry for my confusion.


                  I need this guide soooo much! Will there be an advance sale?

                  It will keep the game from getting stale.

                  Stale=WoD without Zygor!

                  My biggest problem with 6.0 is finding trees. I am looking forward to Lumber Farming.

                  You Guys ARE awesome.

                  - Uncle John


                    Wow, really folks? I know you are looking forward to this but come on.

                    Use your brain for just a minute.

                    If Zygor screws up in a leveling guide, no big deal, you just move on.

                    If Zygor screws up on telling you what to buy because it is bugged / faulty calculation(s), you mean to tell me you have no issue with it?

                    Products get delayed all the time. Its a disappointment. But Id rather wait until they have it right, especially when it comes to the case of my fast approaching 1.6 million gold.

                    While portions of the 'guide' will be just fine, what I will tell you is the results you'll see from it will be 'meh', especially if you dont use common sense with it.

                    There are similar paid products, gold tycoon is one that looks nearly identical to what Zygor is going to do and I can tell you that product, if you follow what it instructs you to flip on the AH, will result in a player that is flat broke. That is because statistics dont tell you everything.

                    If you want to make money in WoW, start with 2 addons, Tradeskill Master (and all of its associated plugins as the main addon will not function directly), Auctioneer, and Auctionator. Learn to use them effectively (especially Tradeskill Master which is a STEEP learning curve but is THE MOST POWERFUL auction house addon PERIOD).

                    Begin with a small market that is affordable to get into and get a feel for how things sell in that market. I started with cloth, specifically linen, wool, silk, mageweave & rune (vanilla WoW cloth). Setup up Auctioneer with saved searches for each in a price range that is lower than half of what it will sell for and then setup Tradeskill Master to automatically setup your auctions.

                    Done correctly, you can completely control the market. You wont make a fortune initially, but once you have completely taken over a market, you can begin to slowly raise prices and control the quantity on the AH to control supply.

                    This of course is just one example of a market to get into, markets I would stay away from are pets & mounts, which, tend to be the highest profit items but slowest selling. And, they are particularly risky as well, often times, you might spend 20k for a mount that might take 6+ months to sell.

                    There are also more obscure markets to get into, one of the many that I am in is quest items (especially ones that require crafting - engineering has several), and patterns / recipes (including vendor purchased or world drop recipes that are put up for a very low price because the person selling isnt aware of what people are willing to pay) that can be sold as a rather nice profit because there are completionists that play WoW that are willing to pay alot of gold.

                    My last bit of advice, dont trust Auctioneers tooltip for item values, use trending websites like www.wowuction.com or theunderminejournal.com for determining item values. These sites track server prices using Blizzard auction house apis that addons like auctioneer do not have access to, specifically, auctioneer has to rely on the limited data provided every time you scan the AH where as the two suggested websites mentioned above can pull data every 15 minutes.

                    Oh, and use Youtube to learn to do it. There are plenty of tutorials on how to use TSM (Tradeskill Master). Go slow, start small and begin building your gold empire.
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                      Originally posted by littlewierdo View Post
                      Products get delayed all the time. Its a disappointment. But Id rather wait until they have it right, especially when it comes to the case of my fast approaching 1.6 million gold.
                      A bit of patience IS called for, but it's also nice when a company like Zygor's keeps us in the loop as to how things are going with a product they have already advertised and intend to sell. A product that a large number of people intend to buy.

                      And to be fair, one of the guys at Zygor has answered this question last week...

                      Originally posted by Zygor View Post
                      The leveling guides are in good shape now - the Alliance guide, particularly, has been drastically improved and polished, and is completed. The Horde guide didn't have many problems at all, and just needs a quick run-through to polish, which has already begun. The rest of the team is working on polishing all of our other guides, and we're aiming to have everything in really good shape within about 2 weeks or so. Beyond that, we're aiming to release the Gold & Auctions guide Q1 2015.
                      Also, 1.6 million gold... I think you're doing just fine on your own :P I can't even maintain 1000g....
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                        Originally posted by Bomyne View Post
                        I can't even maintain 1000g....
                        You need to get out and quest more.
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                          You need to get out and quest more.
                          If I only had a guide to tell me the best quests to do for gold?

                          Just poking fun and kidding. I am looking forward to the release. Until then I will keep living in squaler.


                            Originally posted by Zygor Support View Post
                            You need to get out and quest more.
                            You don't even have to do that.
                            Just let you garrison followers do all the gold quests.


                              It isn't hard to make gold right now. Crafted items sell really well, and garrison quests allow you to exchange resources which accumulate daily for gold that you don't have to work for. I hit 100 before I ever even touch Nagrand or Shadowmoon, so I still have all of those quests available for me when I hit 100. I also save the bonus areas for extra gold too. It's really easy to make a quick 1k gold in an hour if you look hard enough. I really can't wait until this comes out so I don't have to rely on 40 different add-ons to help me. It's about time they released an add-on like this, and if it's as good as the leveling guides, it should be fairly reliable.