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Don't see the Post or Buy Buttons?

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    Don't see the Post or Buy Buttons?

    I have pre-ordered the guide but can't post or buy? Whats up? I have been working on this for hours? Is there a guide to actually follow the guide? I finally have it updated with my server and i can see what it is telling me to do? But it won't let me sell or buy anything?

    When you find an item you want to get you put it into your shopping list with the drop down arrow at the right side of the gold guide. Once it's in your shopping list talk to the auctioneer to open the auction house, then in the shopping window on the right side click on the item you want to get. This will do a search for that item and add a gold coin icon to the items you should buy. (there is a known bug right now where if you have the Auctioneer addon running it re-sizes the item icons causing the gold coin icon to not show up)

    For selling items switch from the shopping window to the inventory window and drag the items to sell from the inventory window into the Auction tab.
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      You may have to click the Z icon on the side of the Auction House to see the tools. Also, check that none of your other addons are preventing the Zygor components from showing.
      Zygor Guides Creative Director