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When to resell?

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    When to resell?

    So I'm using the Auction guide, looking at what it suggests I buy, adding them to the shopping list, keeping an eye out for the "buy this" gold coin icon and snapping them all up.

    Now, once I've picked them up from the mail box I go back to the auction house and hit the "Appraise" button, which tells me the items I've just bought status is "Prices are down, you may want to wait". Do I...

    a) Re-list the right away, knowing I've just bought out all the cheap ones and can flip them for a higher price, just undercutting the next highest seller. Even though the price I'm undercutting may still be below the historic average?


    b) Hold onto them slowly filling up the bank until such a time the status changes to green or yellow. In it for the long game?

    In the last 24 hours I've flipped a few things (Windwool Cloth, was one) even though it said the price was low & the status was red, just to test and it sold for more than I bought it just fine.

    But I'm also aware that things tend to sell better at the weekend, and the prices sometimes tend to go up then... buying during the week and selling at the weekend seems like a good tactic.

    So, should I hold out until the status goes green, or buy and flip right away?


    I'll let more experienced traders answer your first few questions.
    From my experience on high buying and low buying periods, there are two times and sets of items that sell well during the week.
    You hit the first, more people on during weekends means more buyer, but als more sellers.
    The second though is some crafting materials, especially enchanting materials. These sell (along with the actual enchants) well on Tuesdays through mid day Wed since raids reset and people get new shineys to enchant.

    I'd like to see answers to your first few inquiries as well.


      yeah I had the same question I am buying items out and then I want to know if I can post them when it says prices are normal or not I don't want to buy something for one gold and that be the normal price and then sell it for 1 gold in the auction house take a cut