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    Only for current useres

    In this state that the guide is in, is this a buy or not? I am on the fence still.

    I would say the only major issues this guide has is the auction house portion. The rest of the guide is fairly decent (with some bugs/issues).


      The majority of the issues we've seen so far have almost all been something the user just needed to do (sync realm data, scan the auction house), or additional things they'd like us to add (we have a sizable update going out today that already includes some of these requests).

      If you voted Pass it would be very helpful if you could explain why so prospective buyers could see if your issue was actually easily correctable, or even an issue with the actual advertised features of the guide. Thanks.
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        I'm loving the new update. Can't wait to see whats next


          I voted pass for now, but this is definatly worth buying in the future, 3-4 weeks, I am using it as is now and made alot of gold but there is alot to be fixed, my issue is with pathing atm and gold estimate


            Originally posted by uzumi View Post
            I voted pass for now, but this is definatly worth buying in the future, 3-4 weeks, I am using it as is now and made alot of gold but there is alot to be fixed, my issue is with pathing atm and gold estimate
            If you have the time we'd like to hear more about these issues. What have you encountered with the pathing and gold estimates that you don't like? We want you to love this product, so any thoughts you can offer would be most helpful.
            Zygor Guides Creative Director


              Okey these will not be in any order of importance at all, i will be writing them as i remember them

              Main zygor window, have a button or a option for one that brings up the gold guide window, Having to clikc the drop down arrow, getting that window up to then click gold and getting that window up is annoying as you have to close the guide selection window.

              Pathing is horrible atm, Its dotted lines that moves (perfectly fine while questing) but for farming id prefer a static line (Routes does this perfectly so i have ended up using that instead and just draw a line that i follow while i farm, I basically have zygor disabled while farming because of this) If you move out of the line and too close to another end of it (its a circle) it will tell you to follow that one instead, I would also prefer if the minimap did not zoom automatically as mine is just spazzing out as i run all over the place. I know the last one can be disabled but it would be nice if it was by default while doing gold guides.

              gold estimate is wayy off, Not even close, I dominate my AH when it comes to Fur, i have a set price per 200 of 700g and other people stay within that range 650g-750g, zygor estimates that if i have 200 fur and 70 meat or so i have made 300-400gold, This again makes me rely on another addon such as auctioneer, Their scans are accurate and easy.

              Gold guide (farm) estimates is also way off saying i will make 4-7k gold per 55 minutes doing the fur route, it even estimates that within 55 minutes i should get over 5500 furs, I am lucky if i get 600 (600 is not bad though, 3x700gold)

              I would also like that it suggests farms not just based on the fur but include information that you may get x or z by drops as there is quite alot of money to be made with the garrison auction parts, on my server, 3 hours of farming gave me 600fur per hour and in total i had around 11 action parts which sell quite abit.

              I would also like to see some form of further integration on the action house for placing auctions and buying

              In the gold guide, please do not make a rough estimate on what the profit can be if the item is not on the auction house, I can make 14 000 gold per 30+ min farming silk cloth the other day, i thought what the hell, I ended up getting 90 silk in an hour (out of 3000 something estimated) and i earned 90gold on my realm, So i would like it to say "insufficient info" or something similar instead of a random number

              You can replace zygor guides gold guide with routes, google.com "fur routes" and auctioneer as they do the same thing but better.

              (For zygor, If you want further information/test subject, just pm me)


                Simply put, the Zygor AH data is just not accurate.

                We also have the problem with the suggestions the guide tells you to buy that make absolutely no sense.

                Searching for silk for example, I was told to buy silk that was more expensive, leaving the cheaper silk up. In addition, the buy icon next to each item you are supposed to buy often times remains in place even after you have made the purchase which makes it completely unusable.

                The flipping portion of the guide is also very unintuitive, tagging what items to buy from one window but no way to automatically sell from that same window (Im still a bit unsure how exactly we are supposed to sell using the recommended prices and stack sizes, assuming it even has suggestions for stack sizes).

                I gave it an honest go ahead but Im not exactly thrilled with it.

                I now have a bunch of materials that wont sell.

                Some sort of 'how to use this' pdf would be nice...

                As to the farming guides, they are indeed over estimated, but thats not a big deal in my opinion. More important is the outrageous farm times to reach the 'goals' required. There are items that appear with a greater than 10 hour farm time in order to reach the goals recommended. The goal number seems to be very arbitrary for starters (I dont buy that I need 3000 frostweed to enter the market on frostweed) and the farm time is just not a reasonable expectation.

                Ill do a bit more writing up on this when I have a chance to actually test my results and post them. I use several addons that track my auctioning successes and failures (another odd missing feature in Zygor) and Ill create a new character just for the purposes of this.

                What the Zygor team needs to do is make a new character and start that character with 1000 gold and do exactly what the guide recommends and they'll see that there are problems.

                Personally, I use TSM which is far superior (Ive finally eliminated Auctioneer and Auctionator as TSM now does proper saved searches (Auctioneer) and proper single selling of items (Auctionator)).

                The learning curve for TSM is significant, but I highly recommend learning to use it. Even if Zygor is working correctly, there are many untapped markets that TSM can help tap into (expansion entry level greens are where I make 7k a week alone from) that Zygor simply doesnt cover.

                Power Word Gold on youtube, start there. There are also guides on Youtube for effectively using TSM.
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                  I agree there should be a resell feature that we just click instead of dragon each item individually multiple click would do something simliar to tsm posting


                    My first try at the guide it told me to buy ALL of the "Enchant Bracer - Major Stamina" for like 89.00 each and sell them for 215.00. I bought them all as it said and relisted them for 214.00, Ive had to drop the price numerous times and am now back down to 98.00 where I finally sold 2 of them. Still stuck with the rest and about to drop price again.


                      I would say buy. I still have a few issues but I saw in another thread that most of my issues are being worked on.


                        My biggest con against buying is that I gets 15USD taxes on it


                          I'd say buy now and make a little money while the updates roll in. You can make money with it there's just bugs that are already being addressed.

                          My biggest gripe was going to farm a transmog set that said it would take 60 minutes. It actually takes 60 minutes per piece! Slight misadvertisment.


                            I passed because it really isn't needed by me. The free add-ons from Curse are tried and tested and I will not be spending money on this guide.
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                              I like Zygor guides. I've used the leveling guides for several expansions and will continue to do so.

                              That being said, I wouldn't buy this gold guide again. Like a few other have said, I wonder about the AH data. There are some things that make zero sense. I had 187 Spirit Dust that it kept insisting that I list for 27g, when everything else there was, at a minimum, 98s EACH. I watched the market for days and it never really varied much. It certainly never got as cheap as what Zygor was trying to tell me.

                              To be fair, I have made a little gold off of it, but it's very little. Maybe 500g. -750g. It's an interesting guide but it's not worth $50.

                              If it were half that I would say it's not a big deal, but $50 is really steep for this product. It's got a decent interface, like all of their products, but that's about it.