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Embersilk Farming in Deepholm?

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  • Zygor Support
    The humanoid mobs in Deepholm should be dropping the cloth at a similar rate as you see in Twilight or Tol Barad and by having you go to Deepholm that reduces farming competition. I think you might have just had some really bad luck when you were there. Also, you should be farming with a tailor of embersilk skill level to have better drop rates on the cloth.

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  • cyankee
    started a topic Embersilk Farming in Deepholm?

    Embersilk Farming in Deepholm?

    I know of two places for Embersilk farming, Tol Barad Peninsula and Twilight Highlands. How did Deepholm get in the mix? I tried Deepholm, but after 30 minutes and just one piece of cloth, I think this might be bad information.