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Auction Sniping?

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    Auction Sniping?

    Do you guys intend on supporting Auction Sniping as a part of the AH portion?

    There are currently no plans for this at the moment, but we generally look to the community for feedback on what new additions to make, so if enough people want this feature we would definitely consider adding it. If we were to add this, how would you like it to work exactly?
    Zygor Guides Creative Director


      I would like to give some feedback on this.

      I was reading a guide on wowhead about Auction Sniping a few weeks ago, the way that person suggested was that he placed certain items on a list and would just constantly search the auction house for those items using Trade Skill Master, and it would notify him when something became available below a certain threshold.

      So this is what I would like to see in a guide...
      When sitting at the AH, I would like to be able to be able to click a button to "Enable Sniping", the guide would already know what items sell pretty quickly, and would repeatedly search for those items, and notify me if something became available at a particularly low price, and I would simply press a Buy button to purchase the item.

      Thanks for reading.


        After doing a little more research, It appears in WOW there's a different connection to "auction sniping" than what I'm used to.

        What I want, is Zygor to be able to sort & bid on items where the "current bid" is placed far below Historical Median, and give me an easy interface to bid on them.


        That's a great example. Right now Sorcerous Water on my server is worth roughly 70 gold. Those top two auctions were placed at roughly 50 gold, and probably a few copper to start. I want some kind of interface that will allow me to quickly bid on those type items, to further increase my profit. The profit margins on buying items like those is astronomical, and how you can really turn copper into mountains of gold on the AH.

        The other common occurance, is you'll see buy out prices for items above the median price, making them a bad buy.

        --however-- The "bid" price might be set low, sometimes even in the a-few-gold range.

        I want a way of seeing those items, and rapidly bidding on them from the Auction House to increase my chances of winning items that the bid is set too low, but the buyout is set too high.


        Being able to buy those close to 66gold instead of 77gold is a pretty huge profit margin.