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suggested selling price too high

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    suggested selling price too high

    In comparison to another set of add-ons I have that gets their data from the WoW servers directly rather than just running scans every couple of days like Zygor - the suggested sell price for most items is far far too high and the items never sell

    We get our data directly from the WoW servers every 4 hours and then we do some math on that data to get averages for low, normal, and high over the last 30 day rolling period. We only send out that data every 2 or 3 days simply because the 30 day averages would change very little if it was sent out every day or quicker (thus being a waste of bandwidth for both us and our customers). The sell prices that you see are based on the in game scan you do and what the current prices are for those items when compared to the historical averages. If the price seems high that means that the current auctions are that high (or higher) and what you're posting should still be the lowest price available.
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