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Item prices merging with classic WoW ?

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    Item prices merging with classic WoW ?

    Hi all.

    I am having problems with the gold guide part.

    basically when i check gathering guide it shows me thousands of gold per hour income from old content herbs which i cant think it is working as intended and it cannot make that much money on AH.

    These looks like they are the prices from Classic and since the Classic is installed in the same wow folder, is it mixing the prices with one another? Similar situation for items in auction house section that has high value. When i even search the item in google all i got is classic.wowhead posts which is also make me think these are classic prices

    i have not seen any single shadowlands content popped up in the gold guide parts and they sell for huge prices...

    The classic and retail games are installed in different folders so that will not be an issue. Please post up some pictures of the item and prices in question.
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