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General Cooking 1-300 Suggestion

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    General Cooking 1-300 Suggestion


    I just bought the guide I'm currently working through the cooking professions section.

    After making the Curiously Tasty Omelet to get to 175 the next step is to hearth back to Stormwind and go to Stranglethorn Vale to buy the Roast Raptor Recipe.

    The material farming guide already puts you in Arahiti Highlands to get the needed raptor eggs and raptor flesh for the Omelet.

    There is also the vender for the next recipe Roast Raptor located in the same zone you'll be farming. I didn't realize this until after I took the suggested route to hearth back to Stormwind and was told to go all the way to Stanglethorn Vale for the next recipe.

    I've attached a link from Wowhead of the vendor. Hammon Karwn - NPC - World of Warcraft (wowhead.com)

    Really loving the app by the way!