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Draenor upgrade for Horde?

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    Either way, not too happy. Also, the pre-patch guide is seriously broken; the new UI elements break the guide asking it to be disabled. It's trying to equip intellect armor on my warrior and spams me every time I load into a new area such as a dungeon. The way-points are completely broken and usually send me somewhere random and then goes "oh wait no, you were meant to go here". It also keeps trying to replace my heirloom weapon constantly. In it's current state, the guide is more of a nuisance than a help so there is no way i'm paying for the upgrade; if it gets polished and fixed then maybe. I understand it's a massive patch, and big changes so I have some faith you guys will fix it.


      I have purchased both the alliance and horde upgrades but all i see in Zygor is lvl 90 and nothing above... I have ensured that the new zygor client is installed as well as the java 8 and checked to see that the viewer is in the addons folder... and still only lvl90


        First of all, Onibaba, the 90-100 content will come on November 13th with WoD.
        If you see WoD in the members section of this site then everything is OK, you will get the guides in time.

        And Tibbles, there are some minor issues but many addons still struggle with the changes Blizzard made. At least with the patch coming one month before WoD the addon authors have time to get everything working again.
        Even addons that did work on the PTR or beta server may be broken due to last minute changes of Blizzard.
        As you can see there are frequent updates to the Zygor guide so the team are working.

        About the gear advisor, there seems to be a bug that when zoning it suggests to replace your equpped items with anything you have in your bags because it does not recognize the items you wear.
        Apart from that with the changes to the attributes of items it is possible that items for a different spec are now better than what you are currently wearing for your current spec. I have a Warrior with Fury and Tank spec and some items of the tank spec are now better than the fury ones because dodge and parry got converted to other values.

        And new items, for example the stuff you get in the new level 90 version of UBS have both primary stats for example strength and intellect if you are Paladin.
        Because of that in the future you will not need completely different sets for different specs. If Blizzard did not change it even set items will switch their bonus stats depending on your spec.


          UPDATE 10/31/2014: I wanted to thank Zygor for adjusting your policy so that I could upgrade my account for $20 instead of effectively having to upgrade twice for $20 at $40 total -- I really appreciate your support and just purchased the upgrade because of the change. I will also continue to upgrade with Zygor for future expansions. Thank you very much!