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Why is the DK leveling guide suggesting Blood (tank) as a leveling spec...

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    Why is the DK leveling guide suggesting Blood (tank) as a leveling spec...

    The guide suggests that a player should choose Blood spec for leveling (my DK is currently 90 and I'm thinking of taking him to 100).

    Yet, the leveling guide does not explain why Blood should be taken as a leveling spec nor does it talk about any specific rotations or spells/abilities to be using.

    Unless there is something that I am missing, DPS spec kills faster = quests done sooner = progress to the next level faster.

    So, why Blood spec and if so, how about some specific rotations/spells/abilities or methods to use as a Blood to exploits what strengths it might have that make it superior to Frost/Unholy for leveling?

    Suggesting Blood in the guide without some specific guidance is like a map with no names or numbers on the roads.

    We suggest the Blood spec for survivability while leveling. You can take on groups of mobs easier in Blood than in the other specs which will get you thru the content just as fast as running a dps spec but with the benefit of not having to worry as much about your health and using potions. We do not have any rotation or spell/skill help for any of the classes.
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