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Suggested guide and turning in completed quests

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    Suggested guide and turning in completed quests

    Is there a way to re-trigger the pop up about moving to the next suggested leveling guide with the option of first turning in completed quests? Sometimes I've passed on the turning in part but later changed my mind. I've seen it pop up again but I can't determine what action causes that to trigger.

    Try reloading the guide at step 1 to see if that triggers it. There isn't anything specific to make it show up that I'm aware of.
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      I have tried that. I've tried switching guides, advancing the guide forward and backward, turning in quests for the current guide, relogging, even digging through the code to see if I could find what triggers it, all to no avail. I have in fact seen it trigger again after having declined the completed quest turn-in question, but I just haven't been able to figure out what action or sequence of actions actually caused it to do that.

      EDIT: It's not a huge deal, but it could certainly be a nice feature.