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Forbidden Reach Guide issue. Quest "Driftwood Derby", step 22 not available

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    Forbidden Reach Guide issue. Quest "Driftwood Derby", step 22 not available

    Request to fix Zygor's Forbidden Reach guide. The quest "Driftwood Derby" is not available for pick up, step 22. Please attached screenshot.
    See quest link on wowhead ---> https://www.wowhead.com/quest=73715/driftwood-derb
    This is the second issue I have with Zygor guides for Forbidden Reach, the other one I had was apparently was fixed, thank you.
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    its a shame that no staff is replying to these threads .. i saw several ppl asking for fixes and additions ..
    myself I'm hoping that soon there will be guides to find the rares of the forbidden reach .. i simply cant find a ton of them, have to be lucky to see someone fly and be able to keep up with them and then fine the cave entrance .. but for some .. no clue .. will need to google and find my answers in other ways

    for all the old content zygor rocks though. maybe the creators of zygor stopped playing so its harder for them to make the guides


      We haven't stopped, we just have a lot to do with both DF and Wrath being released really close to each other.
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