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Cenarion War Hippogryph guide not letting me progress

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    Cenarion War Hippogryph guide not letting me progress

    Am following the questing part of this guide. I've gotten upto step 71 where it's asked me to turn in Wind Trader Lathrai and accept A Personal Favor and Investigate Tuurem.

    Except Investigate Tuurem isn't a quest he gives me. If I try to skip to the next step it askes me to go back to Earthbinder Tavgren to hand Investigate Tuurem... but of course I can't since I can't get that quest.

    THEN... the kicker is the step after that, step 73 askes me to talk with Jenai Starwhisper.... slap bang in the middle of Alliance territory.


    You have to complete the Personal Favor quest to unlock the Investigate Tuurem question. The Alliance NPC is a mistake. I'll get this added to our list to get fixed.
    My Flight Path Follies guide

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      Thanks Cabby, might be worth adding that to the guide. Also it goes straight from picking up the tuurem quest to taking you to Wind caller Tavren, not actually getting the box itself first.