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I'm doing something wrong :(

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    I'm doing something wrong :(

    I've just bought the guide and I can't seem to get it to do anything when I select "pets and mounts">"pets". All that happens is my pet journal opens. There seems to be no further info on pets at all.

    Please help

    That is what is supposed to happen. When you have the pet journal open you should see a Z icon beside the different pet names. You click on that to open the guide to obtain that pet. This way you can easily see which ones you do and don't have when selecting the guide.

    There is a known addon conflict with Pet Journal Enhanced that is preventing the Z icon from showing up on the pet journal. We are working on this to get both of the addons to work nicely together. If you have PJE installed what you can do is open the guide selection window and type the pet name into the search bar at the top to find that guide to load if the Z icon is not in the pet journal due to the addon conflict.
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      Many thanks for the VERY prompt reply. I had Pet Journal Enhanced running and now that I have disabled it Zygor is running just as I wished.

      Again - many thanks and keep up the great work.