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    Annoying pet thing wont go away on the screen.
    [B]2x ZygorGuidesViewer\CreatureDetector.lua:284: Usage: GameTooltip:SetOwner(frame)
    [C]: in function `SetOwner'
    ZygorGuidesViewer\CreatureDetector.lua:284: in function `ShowTooltip'
    [string "*:OnEvent"]:20: in function `OnEnter'
    ZygorGuidesViewer\Libs\SlideBar\SlideBar.lua:108: in function <ZygorGuidesViewer\Libs\SlideBar\SlideBar.lua:106>
    self = <table> {
     StartUp = <function> defined @ZygorGuidesViewer\CreatureDetector.lua:312
     DetectMinipet = <function> defined @ZygorGuidesViewer\CreatureDetector.lua:117
     dGO = <table> {
     petIDDatabase = <table> {
     RegisterPetID = <function> defined @ZygorGuidesViewer\CreatureDetector.lua:273
     modelDatabase = <table> {
     DetectPet = <function> defined @ZygorGuidesViewer\CreatureDetector.lua:69
     mountSpellDatabase = <table> {
     OnClick = <function> defined @ZygorGuidesViewer\CreatureDetector.lua:345
     DetectMount = <function> defined @ZygorGuidesViewer\CreatureDetector.lua:180
     OnHide = <function> defined @ZygorGuidesViewer\CreatureDetector.lua:353
     AddGuideToDetectedGuides = <function> defined @ZygorGuidesViewer\CreatureDetector.lua:29
     OnEvent = <function> defined @ZygorGuidesViewer\CreatureDetector.lua:357
     ShowTooltip = <function> defined @ZygorGuidesViewer\CreatureDetector.lua:283
     button = ZygorDetectorButton {
     DetectedGuides = <table> {
     PetMirror = <unnamed> {
     RegisterMountSpell = <function> defined @ZygorGuidesViewer\CreatureDetector.lua:268
     RegisterGuideModel = <function> defined @ZygorGuidesViewer\CreatureDetector.lua:278
     DetectedGuidesCounter = 0
     Detect = <function> defined @ZygorGuidesViewer\CreatureDetector.lua:47
    guide = <unnamed> {
     0 = <userdata>
     dataobj = <table> {
     texcoords = <table> {
     id = "ZygorDetectorButton"
     frame = <unnamed> {
     icon = <unnamed> {
     priority = 1
    parent = "ANCHOR_BOTTOM"
    position = 0
    x = -5
    y = nil
    L = <table> {
     opt_pathfinding_subdesc = "Travel System automatically recalculates every 30 seconds in motion, and once after a second of standing still."
     opt_chainskip_compl = "|cffccffcc  (always)"
     opt_gold_reqmode_desc = "Decide whether to show all locations (mining areas, skinning, etc.) regardless of the character's professions, or only those that can really be used."
     opt_audiocues = "Audible direction cues"
     opt_vendor = "Vendor automation"
     guideconfig_check5 = " Take Flights Automatically"
     stepgoal_skillmax2 = "Learn the %s skill"
     opt_audiocues_desc = "Provides audible navigation signals if you leave your character unattended.
    With these, you can safely turn to precisely face the target waypoint, start flying forward, and Alt-Tab out or go make some coffee.
    When arriving at the destination, a 'boat bell' sound is played. When the destination is no longer straight ahead and you're going to fly past it, a 'warning zap' is played."
     opt_arrowmeters_desc = "Use meters and kilometers instead of yards and miles."
     opt_arrowshow_desc = "Display a rotating arrow, indicating the direction towards the current waypoint."
     guidetutorial_guideviewertip = "This is where the most important information will be displayed, such as what to do next, who to talk to, what quests to accept, and more."
     opt_skipimpossible = "Skip impossible steps"
     waypointaddon_set = "Waypointing addon selected: %s"
     guidepicker_button_searchlabel = "SEARCH"
     opt_resetwindow_desc = "If you accidentally move the guide window off-screen and can't move it back, this button resets it to the screen center."
     guideconfig_checkoption1 = "autoaccept"
     opt_colorantsother = "Normal"
     opt_magickey_itemspell_desc = "Use the first item or spell mentioned in the current step."
     opt_antspeed_full = "Very smooth"
     pointer_floors_27_0_6 = "-Enter tunnel"
     opt_colorantstaxi_desc = "Use this color to indicate a flight path"
     pointer_arrowmenu_options = "More options..."
     guidetutorial_progresstip2 = "This will track your progress by how many steps there are in a guide."
     req_not = "not %s"
     MainFontBold = "ZygorGuidesViewer\Skins\SegoeUIB.TTF"
     opt_loadguide = "Load guide"
     report_title = "Please describe what exactly caused the bug and any relevant circumstances.
    Then, press CTRL+A and CTRL+C to copy the report and e-mail it to |cf[/B]

    Have you tested to see if this happens when all other addons are disabled?
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      Is this still happening with today's guide update?
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        Ill test it out now .. it was so annoy i turned it off

        Yup any npc i click it spams the error..

        also have it updated to version 4.0.10523

        1x [string "*:OnClick"]:10: Duplicate IDs:  hasmount(88990) 
        [C]: in function `error'
        [string "*:OnClick"]:10: in function <[string "*:OnClick"]:1>
        [C]: in function `Click'
        [string "*:OnEvent"]:15: in function <[string "*:OnEvent"]:15>
        self = ZygorDetectorButton {
         0 = <userdata>
         ntx = <unnamed> {
         ptx = <unnamed> {
         htx = <unnamed> {
         back = ZygorDetectorButtonBack {
        button = "LeftButton"
        down = false
        badIDs = " hasmount(88990) "
        Last edited by MrSapient; October 18, 2014, 03:13 PM.