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  • ZG Support 1
    Thank you for letting us know about this and we'll be sure to get these added. We try our best to make sure they are all in the guides but sometimes we miss something and never know about it until someone reports it to us.

    Just a note, the Utility Mechanoclaw is in the Leveling > BfA > Kul Tiras > Mechagon Island > Blueprints section.

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  • frenic03
    started a topic Updates??


    So, this afternoon (10/4/2019), I see someone on what I thought was a really cool-looking mount. I click on it, and see it's the Prestigious Midnight Courser. I click on the guide as to how to get it, and Zygor tells me the mount is currently not available, but that it's most likely a prestige mount. So I hop over on WoWhead, to find a post made back in 2017 (Legion) that informs you you earn this mount by getting to Honor Level 250 (pvp).

    So then I started looking at some of the battle pets, and noticed there's several that don't have a guide as to how to get them. So I decided to help out the Zygor team (sometimes I wonder why I pay a monthly sub).

    --Zanj'ir Poker-- per WoWhead 6/14/2019-- it drops from Azshara's Chest (Queen Azshara), on all difficulties.

    --Wolf balloon--per WoWhead 4/7/2019, it costs 90 Darkmoon tickets at the balloon vendor in Darkmoon Faire.

    --Wicker Wraith--per WoWhead 12/9/2018-- Wicker Wraith/Wicker Wraith is rewarded from completing the achievement Family Battler (Family Battler requires you to defeat each of the 15 Master Tamers of Kul'Tiras and Zandalar with pets of only a certain family. You need to do this for every family. Pets must be level 25. You can battle these trainers at any time, the world quests don't need to be up).

    --Utility Mechanoclaw--per WoWhead 7/25/2019-- Blueprint: Utility Mechanoclaw drop from Caustic Mechaslime (28,30% drop rate) Caustic Mechaslime is located in Crumbling Cavern Mechagon.
    This rare requires Drill Rig construction projects to be active.
    Complete Drill Rig DR-CC73 project and after 1 minute enter the cave. Rare is inside.
    Drill Rig DR-CC73 one is located south of the small water lake in the middle of the zone, north of the Outflow area.

    Twilight Whelpling--per WoWhead 6/25/2019-- This pet can be found in the Cataclysm zone Twilight Highlands, around the entrance to the dungeon, Grim Batol.

    Real Life is currently calling me now, but I'll be back shortly to post updates on pets and mounts that have been in the game for months (and years) already, and still haven't been updated in the guide that I pay a monthly sub for, and get all of the info from WoWhead.