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more problems...

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    more problems...

    This "guide" isn't really a complete guide. It's missing information. Most of it is merely a list of so-called 'steps' (do this... then do this, etc.) and not really an actual Guide to complete the steps quickly and efficiently. It's easy for the developers... but it's a pain in the butt for users (who haven't done these quests before, and memorized them).

    For instance, there are several possible locations indicated by the zygor green blob.

    - Is it at the base of the mountain?
    - Is it on a ledge 1/2 way up the mountain?
    - Is it at the top of the mountain?
    - Is it inside a cave or a building which has to be traversed to get to the location? If so, where is its entrance?

    This happens WAY TOO OFTEN throughout these guides. It just wastes time.

    Here are only a couple of silly things I encountered just today. Guide seems broken.
    I spent an hour looking, waiting, restarting game, etc. just to find what the guide says I should click on. Nothing is there. These are only 2 examples, however I've encountered many more which could not be done. I had to skip all of them, including these two.

    I'm doing this guide because I'm trying to increase 'reputation,' but each time I have to bypass a quest, I'm losing reputation since I can't turn those quests in.

    guide--riches of pandaria-too vague.jpg

    Riches of Pandaria guide- not working at all.jpg

    Allow me to quote the very first step of this guide.

    This achievement requires you to find and loot the Riches of Pandaria. There are many that spawn, but they are rare spawns so you may need to wait or check back later to get them.
    That right there tells you that these are all rare spawns and they might not be there when you get there. It will most likely take many days (or weeks) to find them all depending on your luck and how many other people are hunting for them. Rare spawns can have several hours (up to 24) between being looted/killed and respawning. On average most rare spawns are around 8-12 hour respawn timers.

    Also, Riches of Pandaria is an achievement guide, not a reputation guide. These aren't quests, they are items that you collect to earn an achievement. What reputation is it that you are trying to raise up? You'd be better off (and faster) using the appropriate reputation guide.
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      Thanks for your reply. It reminded me that the note was there at the very beginning, but I had forgotten about it several steps later. I was expecting to find what the guide told me to find in the steps later on. My mistake. Sorry. Considering that it may take me a year to complete this, I'm pretty sure I won't pursue it. heh heh. Life is too short!

      As far as my desire for 'Reputation' gains, here's what I was thinking.

      First, I looked at the Exploration/Pandaria Achievements list and noticed that I had only 4 more to go to get the "Riches of Pandaria" Achievement. So, I wanted to work on that. I have already done all the ones before that, if I remember correctly. It was next.

      Image #1:
      Achievements-Riches of Pandaria.jpg

      I looked at my Guild Reputations and it was there that I tried choosing a guide that would help me with it. Image #2 (below) shows where I started looking:
      -- I decided on "Honor Hold" and chose that guide. I chose it because that guide said that I could gain reputation by running certain dungeons (which the guides never told me how to find or get to. There was no link between the note and access to those dungeon guides). I searched, but couldn't find guides anywhere to do them).
      (See image #3 for issues I encountered with that guide).

      Image #2
      Guild Achievements-Reputation- GUILD.jpg

      Image #3 (problems trying to find any guide to get me to those areas).
      Note: The "Hellfire Fortifications" quest is a joke. Not designed for solo players. I bypassed it.
      Honor Hold-Reputations alternatives.jpg

      Obviously, I'm confused out of my mind. The guides don't seem to be directing me to places where it suggests that I need to be to gain the reputation for Honor Hold (related to the Guild Achievement). The guide just leaves me hanging, and not able to do what it suggests. There is no way to find guides to those places!

      I'm misunderstanding something, I'm sure, but I don't know what. Help will be appreciated. To me, this is very confusing.


        The Hellfire Fortifications quest can be easy or hard depending on your luck with enemy players in the zone. That is a PvP quest so if there are a lot of enemy players guarding those 3 locations it will be very difficult for a solo person to flip them while flagged for PvP. You could try it late night or maybe middle of the day (during the school year) when there should be fewer people in the zone.

        As for the 3 other things listed there (Hellfire Ramparts, The Blood Furnace, and The Shattered Halls) those are the 3 dungeons you can run to raise up reputation. You aren't finding any guides for those 3 dungeons because you don't own the Dungeon guides.
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          Thanks for explaining. I'm still wondering why the guides I own (the one I'm using now with those 3 dungeons listed!) don't at least offer the Travel System to send me to the their locations? I don't need a dungeon guide merely to get to the dungeons. It confused the hell outa me and wasted much time. I guess I have to have wowhead tell me how to get there, since my own zygor guides don't. My guide quits at that point, so I have to get help somewhere else. Thanks again.