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Reputations "Guide"- It isn't really a guide

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    Reputations "Guide"- It isn't really a guide

    While I was working no another char of mine, I ran across this confusion - again.
    Is this the best we can ever expect from your guides?

    Image 1 shows Step 1:
    Reputation Guide-Home Cities-step 1.jpg

    Image 2 shows Step 3:
    Reputation Guide-Home Cities-step 3.jpg

    Ok, picture #1. As with all of our other guide steps, the red background for the line means it is not completed. This means that all those red lines mean you are not exalted with the listed factions. So the guide indicates that you are not exalted (red = not completed) and you said you're not completed (as indicated by your reputation window). How is this wrong?

    Also with picture #1. You claim that step 3 is an advertisement for a different guide. According to picture #2 step 3 does not tell you to use any of our other guides. How then is this an advertisement?

    Picture #2. You claim that we don't tell you which dungeons to run but that step clearly states "any dungeon that grants experience." Please explain how this is not giving you the information you need?

    And finally for both pictures. You claim that step 3 is not a guide. According to the definition of a guide (a book, pamphlet, etc., giving information, instructions, or advice) as can be found in the dictionary (http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/guide?s=t) step 3 does in fact fall into the realm as a guide because we are informing you of the fastest way to raise your experience. All of our guides are designed to help our customers accomplish the tasks in the shortest time possible. The same is true for the reputation guides. If it's faster to just run dungeons with a tabard on then that's what will be in the guide. If it's faster to do daily quests then that will be in the guide. Just because you aren't happy with the method we've chosen as the fastest does not mean it's not a guide.
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      In your first image you have your rep screen open, SHOWING everyone that looks at it you are NOT exalted with ANY of the home city factions; yet you put in your image that “this is simply not true.” I am LOOKING at it being true.

      Stormwind = Revered
      Darnassus = Friendly
      Gnomeregan = Honored
      Ironforge = Honored
      Exodar = Honored
      Gilneas = Friendly
      Tushui Pandaren = Friendly

      Perhaps a visit to the World of Warcraft Wiki will help you understand that Friendly, Honored, and Revered statuses are NOT Exalted reputations. IF the levels of your reputation are showing incorrectly, that is an issue to take up with Blizzard.

      If you are INSIDE a reputations guide, how exactly is it an advertisement for a guide you clearly have to OWN to begin with in order to see the “Click to use the (xyz) rep Guide” statement?

      Image #2… Should there be a line that explains how to queue for a dungeon? Considering the fact that NO dungeon you can run solo will give you experience, you cannot complete a dungeon without a group.
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        Originally posted by kreelor View Post
        While I was working no another char of mine, I ran across this confusion - again.
        Is this the best we can ever expect from your guides?

        Image 1 shows Step 1:

        Image 2 shows Step 3:
        I think the confusion is the red lines one which states 'Exalted with Stormwind'.

        Zygor Guides are not dynamic, meaning, the text doesnt change depending on whether you are or are not exalted with said faction (ie. the line could say 'Exalted with Stormwind' or 'NOT Exalted with Stormwind'). They could be (instead of using a 'O' and a check mark, they could use the word 'NOT' instead of 'O') but this would require rewording and reworking alot of the guides needlessly.

        AND, as I was typing this, I noticed they banned you so why Im bothering to continue to respond lol...nevermind...
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