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Feature Request for Wrath Classic

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    Feature Request for Wrath Classic


    I have been leveling a few alts recently, and the questing guides work great. But I also like leveling via dungeons, so I have on a couple of characters now, gone through and leveled to about 12ish (Horde) and then followed the guide for getting the RFC quests, running an RFC, and then loading up the guide for WC, because you are almost high enough for WC afterwards and the prequests are enough to get you into WC, then loading the quest guide for SFK, and so on.

    With the quest guides for the dungeons working fairly well, and actually having a fairly streamlined quest/dungeon guide is great. What are the odds we might be able to get something like a 12 or 15 - 60 dungeon questing guide, that kind of streamlines those together and tells you which dungeon you should be aiming for next? Even if it has points of "You will need to get x level before continuing" and either a pointer to a quest guide, or just letting us know the recommended level to continue on, so we can find dungeon groups to spam till x level?

    With the Wrath Fresh servers coming soon, I am planning to level a couple of toons, but with how crowded it will be at launch, being able to funnel my way into dungeons, and away from the hordes of other levelers/questers will make life so much smoother, in the old world content, the BC content, and the Wrath content.