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  1. Question on completing a guide versus all quests available

    Do the guides do all quests (or best xp/value/time ones) in an area before suggesting a new area? Or do they just suggest a new area randomly? Is there a "completionist" or more thorough quest...
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    Horde Eversong Woods step 92 bugged

    Quest "The party never ends" is bugged and looks like it has been for many years. Appetizers are not available to purchase, they apparently are on a second page of vendor that doesn't exist.

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    Same here, rather than explaining why its broken,...

    Same here, rather than explaining why its broken, perhaps just fix it? Instead of making us run at level 12 through Stranglethorn a thousand miles, just correct the navigation to get you to Rut'heran...
  4. Ashzara 10-60 Step 216 Talk to Bilgewater Rocket Jockey No Arrow

    Again in the middle of an area no "Rocket Jockey" here-Northern Rocketway Exchange is a long ways away....

    Also your tips about how to complete the Arcane Trial is flawed-I dont want to write...
  5. Ashzara 10-60 Step 149 Talk to Bilgewater Rocket Jockey No Arrow

    No such guy

    After I swam/ran there -flight path is called Nothern Rocketway no Bitter Reaches
  6. Zygor Suggested Guide then told me I am doing the improper one

    Level 34 finished Hinterlands 30-60. Guide suggested Western Plaguelands, I said yup. Then I got as notification that that was the improper guide minimum level 35. I accepted anyway because...
  7. Hinterlands 30-60 step 73 no person to accept "Battle for Andorhal"

    I believe it's the final step-wowhead etc says quest giver is in Stormwind -no message board around this time to get the quest and Gryphon Master Talonaxe is not the guy
  8. Thread: Mr Icy Veins.

    by zion6

    Not everyone agrees that the game "begins" with...

    Not everyone agrees that the game "begins" with end level raiding. It does signal the end of you RL, searching for an "endgame" of which there will never be....

    Zygor has never claimed to be an...
  9. Gear Advisort suggesting daggers on Enhancement Shaman-no Stormstrike available

    Blizzard no longer considers a dagger a "one handed weapon" apparently. Stormstrike will not work with a dagger equipped in either hand, but gear advisor will recommend them still.
    Any way to...
  10. Thanks I reset /console autoquestwatch 1

    Thanks I reset /console autoquestwatch 1
  11. Blizzard Quest Objective screen showing/not showing?

    I noticed on one character every quest I picked up got listed on the on the Blizzard Quest Objective screen. With another alt it displays some of them, or when I go into quest tracker screen...
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    Bloodmyst Isle 10-60 Step 1 no go

    Talk to Torallius the Pack Handler-no quest from him at all. Step 2 works though. However the Kessel run quest works but 2 of the people you give messages to actually have quest they give when you...
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    Ashenvale 15-60 Step 24 New reply

    There is no more "I'm ready to accompany you etc etc"
    It is now "there must be another way"
  14. Ashenvale 15-60 step 15 There is no need for Kadrak Reins

    Just go to Brutusk and click him youre good
  15. Startign Troll get Flight Path in Senjin Village

    Ya you should probably mention it-silly me I now have to run there for Apprentice Riding....
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    Don't rememeber 2 guys next to each othe in the...

    Don't rememeber 2 guys next to each othe in the Drag
  17. Step 36 Durotar 1-20 (orc or Troll Only) Talk to innkeeper Gryshna

    No big deal but when you arrive you have to go down the elevator-If you are new to this area it takes a while to figure that out-and you guys usually explain steps like that
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    It says "Talk to Doras, fly to ?"

    It says "Talk to Doras, fly to ?"
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    Cooking Trainer Orgrimmar

    When I use guide for nearest Cooking Trainer while standing in Orgrimmar-it tells me to go to flight master-standing next to cooking trainer reveals the same advice....
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    No Arrow Raider Jhash

    Durotar 1-20 step 17 "speak to raider Jhash"-arrow disappears. He is easy enough to find by gate-arrow reappears after the ride
  21. Sillty Question after lvl 5 reached no suggested area guide?

    I am guessing I just pick the next one? One of the 1-20 areas on my continent?

    Troll lvl 5
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    Arathi 25-60 slight fix needed

    Was in Arathi 36-60. I was around level 35-36 when guide completed I guess and suggested Hinterlands to continue.
    It had me run there when I'm pretty sure the Flight Master in Hammerfell or...
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    In addition the daily Monk quests say you have to...

    In addition the daily Monk quests say you have to be level 80 etc etc-even though you just hit Pilgrammage and go do em....
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    Lvl 30 monk Quest gone

    It has now been 1 month since Blizzard removed the level 30 Monk quest Continue Your Training: Master Woo
  25. Stat Weights Updated for Rogue Outlaw? Weapon upgrade suggestions not working

    Are your Gear Advisor suggestions upgraded to newest Wow version. The Rogue class still shows as "Combat" and I am not getting suggestions for weapons, just armor..
    Using Pawn and Zygors are often...
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