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    Heirloom Leveling

    So I'm starting fresh and wanted to try out this guide. I had a good feeling about it in the beginning but there are a few bugs that would really help out. Since my character is wearing three heirlooms, I leveled much faster then the guide. Additionally, when I would turn in quests it zoomed through a number of smaller one-step quests that I could do in order to "grind to 14" or "grind to 16" but I had to go back and search for each of these. I didn't see the point in grinding if I could do the same thing and turn in a quest!

    Also, Azshara.

    Several of the quests aren't there. Some of them actually vanish if you abandon and can't pick them back up. I left a ticket in WoW for the GM.

    Also - the rocket launcher system really seems to work if you get everything right before it; but because I was skipping so far ahead naturally I would miss key items that made me have to swim across the map. Not cool.

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    Do you have your guide updated? The SIS has been reworked because of several issues caused by the linear questing paths. Since Cataclysm it is nearly impossible to skip quests inside a zone and contine in that zone, you'll either do the entire zone or move on to a higher level zone.

    The guide now does not skip quests but zones. For example the problems you have in Azshara are caused by quests being skipped. With the new guide just click the suggest button and select an appropriate guide. You will then go through it step by step until either the end of the guide or you outlevel the guide. In that case a message comes up and asks you if you want to continue with the current guide or abandon all quests and go on with another guide.

    Take a look at the videos on the main page to see this in action.

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